2 buzzards shot & dumped in ditch

4571243Two buzzards have been shot and dumped in a ditch in East Yorkshire.

The birds were discovered by members of the public on Tuesday, on the edge of Burton Constable estate near Sproatley. The RSPB has offered a £1,000 reward for information leading to a conviction.

Well done to Humberside police for publicising this incident so quickly, and particularly well done WCO Sergeant Dave Jenkins who made a short video to increase awareness about this crime.

Full story (and video) here.

And for posterity, the video can be watched on YouTube here

And here’s coverage of the story on BBC News website here

10 thoughts on “2 buzzards shot & dumped in ditch”

  1. Am I right in thinking that the Yorkshire Police got these birds last week & are already releasing the details & asking for info.?

    If so, then WHY oh WHY does it so often take months & months, in other words far, far too long, for Scottish Police to release info. on crimes like this & ask the public for information?

    1. The Scottish Police have more important things to investigate than Raptor Persecution , it’s pretty obvious you kind of people don’t realise the cost to the tax payer for investigating wild life crime. What would you rather have ? Police investigating a burglary at your house or the theft of your motor vehicle or someone poisoning a bird of prey. I know what I would prefer.

      1. The thing is Crow Man, the Scottish Police have a statutory duty to investigate wildlife crime, whether you like it or not!

        The problem of under-resourcing is easily solvable by the government taking up the offer of the SSPCA to extend their investigatory powers. It won’t cost the government or the police anything – and the SSPCA has a top notch record of successfully investigating aninal welfare crimes already.

        Now, isn’t it strange that the Scottish Government has delayed (for over two years) their consultation on increasing the SSPCA’s powers, and isn’t it also strange that the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association has stated publicly their lack of support for such an initiative!

      2. Empty whatabouteery rubbish – everyone’s time would be saved if rogue gamekeepers were flushed out by the shooting fraternity.

        1. using your logic then Crowman its fair to say The Scottish Police have more important things to investigate than Deer Poaching reported by Gamekeepers, or poachers using snares. interesting you think of a person using an illegal snare as a poacher but a gamekeeper who uses an illegal snare is a victim, typical double standards.

  2. Fully approve of the video with the incident location, this is what should have been done for the recent Golden Eagle trapping and death on an Angus shooting estate. This quick reponse and release of info should become standard for police if they are to be the principal organization to report a wildlife crime.

  3. Sad indeed but neither of these bird have been their for ‘weeks’ looking at the state of the feathers and body condition. At least they have been picked up for evidence although this lacks a professional approach from the killers?

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