Raptor poisoning map England & Wales 2007-2011

A poisoning map of England of Wales has just been published by DEFRA, detailing confirmed poisoning incidents between 2007-2011.

This map is a welcome source of information, similar to the poisoning hotspot maps that have been produced for Scotland in previous years. What would be even better is the production of maps (for Scotland as well as England & Wales) that included other types of raptor persecution incidents, not just poisoning. But they might be a bit too embarrassing, eh?

To accompany the map, DEFRA has issued a press release here.

The National Gamekeepers Organisation has also released a press release (here). They tell us not to worry, poisoning is a ‘very rare crime’. Judging by this map, which don’t forget is just the tip of the iceberg – how many incidents go undetected? – poisoning is a lot more frequent than they would have us believe: 30 poisoned raptors in 2011 alone. Oh and they also tell us that “nearly all species now at or near their highest populations since UK records began“. Er, hen harriers, red kites, goshawks, golden eagles, white-tailed eagles, kestrels, peregrines……? Morons.

Poisoning map 2007-2011

10 thoughts on “Raptor poisoning map England & Wales 2007-2011”

  1. These figs are the tip of the iceberg and do not cover other incidents such as shooting or trapping. Producing a map is one thing but changing attitudes towards birds of prey let alone enforcing the laws protecting these birds seems a million miles away.

  2. I bet the gamekeepers association are having a real old turkish at this announcement, to my mind and I’m sure many others it just makes a mockery of the the true extent of Raptor persecution in the UK and only goes to show how much they are really getting away with. It would look a lot better if they just coloured the rest of the map red as perceived persecution areas and left the dots blank as probables. Anyway I suppose it will look good as a poster and talking point on the NGO office wall.

  3. Quote:
    “Oh and they also tell us that “nearly all species now at or near their highest populations since UK records began“. Er, hen harriers, red kites, goshawks, golden eagles, white-tailed eagles, kestrels, peregrines……? Morons.”

    You’re right, Morons are at an all time high and the gamekeepers association has more than it’s fair share of them.

  4. This is a beautiful map of England & Wales showing areas of raptor persecution, but what you dont say is, the number of Game Keepers prosecuted and the succesful number who have been prosecuted. What I’m saying is that even the Courts are finding Gamekeepers NOT GUILTY, THERE ARE FAR MORE SERIOUS CRIMES THAN RAPTOR PERSECUTION . The RSPB & SNH and the ONE KIND BRIGADE are wasting their time AND FINE THEY KNOW IT. Get involved with the horse meat scandal and do something useful for a change.

    1. In case you haven’t read my reply to one of your other posts (which was basically the same as this), I will alert you to a couple of major cover-ups – the Hillsborough Disaster and the Jimmy Saville sex scandal.

      Perhaps your reading preferences revolve around gamekeeping vermin logs and the vast number of creatures killed in those “good old days”, or perhaps you spend the majority of your time killing things, trying to emulate your predecessors, but I would suggest you read some contemporary information services and you might just realise that cover-ups are quite ordinary occurrences in corrupt societies.

      But then again, perhaps you are of the opinion that the Liverpool supporters were to blame and perhaps you believe Jimmy Saville innocent. None of this would surprise me, as your foolishness is very much to the fore when you suggest that the RSPB and SNH should get involved with the butchery and meat trade!

      It appears that you are also of the opinion that because you feel raptor persecution is not a major crime, then these crimes do not merit investigation. That is another senseless statement. So are you suggesting that the police shouldn’t bother with incidents of shoplifting, minor driving offences, breaches of the peace, etc? If you believe that raptor persecution is not worth bothering about, would you be in favour of concerned naturalists entering shooting estates to dismantle and damage traps or destroy set snares? Would you turn a blind eye if poachers were entering estates to help themselves to grouse or pheasants or deer? After all, there are far more serious crimes than these.

  5. Contaminating the countryside with deadly banned pesticides is certainly a serious matter,as is the extinction of species like Hen Harriers. The activities of rogue gamekeepers have killed alot of pets and working dogs over the years too. Crowman would like to have it all his own way. I’d like to know where he stands on the poaching of deer and gamebirds by the impoverished working class?? I’m already getting the stench of hypocracy!!

    1. Regarding all of the above crap, all Gamekeepers who are charged with wild life crime are innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law.

      1. And here we have another pro-shooter that refuses to answer questions. So, do you believe Jimmy Saville was innocent on all the sexual charges now laid against him and do you believe that Liverpool supporters were to blame for the Hillsborough disaster? As there are far more serious crimes, should the police forces of Scotland ignore minor crimes such as shoplifting, breach of the peace, minor motoring offences, minor domestic disputes, etc? And considering you have suggested that police forces should not investigate wildlife crimes, should they also ignore incidents of poaching?

        The answers can be as simple as yes or no, so instead of issuing inflammatory remarks, could you please answer in a reasoned manner?

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