‘Game over for UK shooting season as bird flu & Brexit take a heavy toll’ – new article in The Observer

There was an interesting article published in The Observer yesterday, reporting on extensive cancellations of pheasant and partridge shoots in the UK this year, as the game-shooting industry has failed in its attempts to circumvent biosecurity restrictions on the importation of gamebird eggs from France, in relation to a devastating outbreak of avian flu.

The article is well worth a read – here.

Of course, this only applies to pheasant and partridge shoots. Red grouse shoots are unaffected as they are not reliant on the importation of eggs/shooting stock.

10 thoughts on “‘Game over for UK shooting season as bird flu & Brexit take a heavy toll’ – new article in The Observer”

  1. “We are aware this will have an impact, and we are exploring how we can alleviate these pressures going forward.”
    Not the sort of words WE normally see from DEFRA. Hopefully, they’re just weasel words.

    1. Similarly in the 1st Covid lockdown – 3 people weren’t allowed to walk the moor together to look at grouse, but up to 8 ‘guns’ were allowed to shoot – and have a wee dram – together, and risk spreading Covid. Toffs rule, OK ?

  2. But surely there aren’t many Estates that will lay off their keepers simply because of a lack of farmed pheasants & partridges for their paying guests to waddle down 40yds from motor to pegs to blast at? Is someone suggesting they are just unregulated businesses run by low ranking semi-aristocratic spivs…only interested in making money? As we are constantly reminded – the keepers work is as much about looking after the “little birds” (y’know, the ones that most keepers can’t even identify except for maybe chaffinch) i.e. the feeding of all species through the winter hungry gap, maintaining habitat, putting up bat boxes, protecting hares and deer, etc. And My God…what about the lack of predator control if some keepers are laid off! The whole ecosystem will collapse without a surfeit of young Archie Watson type ‘custodians of the countryside’ nailing vermin through the coming winter.

  3. Maintaining grouse at ridiculously high densities makes them much more susceptable to this highly infectious virus.

  4. I was anti Brexit but this may change my mind. I look forward to reading the bankruptcy notices in due course.

  5. While a few thousand Pheasants and Partridge may be save from the murderous slaughter of the guns, these ignorant killers will still need to satisfy their satanic desire to shoot….watch out all ye Raptors

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