Job vacancy: Species Protection Officers x 4 (ospreys), Scottish Wildlife Trust

Job announcement from Scottish Wildlife Trust

Title: Species Protection Officer (x 4 posts)
Status: April 2022 – June 2022, 17.5 hours per week
Salary: £17,290 pro rata per annum
Location: Loch of the Lowes, Dunkeld
Closing date: 31 January 2022, 12 noon

Scotland’s leading nature conservation charity is looking for enthusiastic individuals to undertake the role of Species Protection Officer (SPO) based at Loch of the Lowes. This paid role includes free accommodation, invaluable training and the opportunity to develop experience in nature conservation, working with volunteers and public engagement!

A substantial portion of Osprey Watch duties will require SPOs to work night shifts. The role will also require working closely with the Perthshire Ranger, the Volunteer Nest Protection Team and Visitor Centre staff.

During this 8-week role, candidates will focus on providing an ‘Osprey Watch’ nest protection programme based at Loch of the Lowes. This will be a combination of paid working hours and voluntary unpaid hours. Successful candidates will work under a 17.5 hour temporary employment contract, the remainder of the 35 hours each week will be under a volunteer agreement. Successful candidates will receive invaluable training, practical experience, and free accommodation, in a loch-side, wooden eco-bothy for the duration of the role.

Duties include:
• Monitor and record breeding ospreys’ behaviour
• Provide round the clock ‘osprey watch’ protection of resident ospreys, their nest and eggs during the critical part of the breeding season
• Monitor additional webcams for beaver activity and other wildlife footage
• Create interesting social media and blog posts about the osprey breeding season

Training and Support:
The candidate will have the fantastic opportunity to gain experience in;
• Species ID
• Managing data
• Use of webcam and security camera software
• Use of Adobe Premier Elements editing software
• Use of WordPress and other social media platforms
• Working with volunteers
• Public engagement

The successful candidate(s) will ideally have:

• An interest and passion in nature conservation
• Good knowledge of natural history and species ID
• Experience of bird monitoring or species protection work is beneficial
• The willingness to live in shared accommodation with colleagues
• The ability to work unsociable hours, including nightshift
• A reasonable standard of physical fitness and resilience to undertake shifts in the hide in cold conditions
• A positive and flexible approach to work and other team members
• The ability to communicate with volunteers, staff and members of the public in a confident manner
• A high level of self-motivation, personal responsibility and organisational skills
• Good computer literacy skills, including a working knowledge of Excel

Please note the Species Protection Officer role is dependent on the return of breeding ospreys. Strict Covid-19 procedures will be in place, particularly with regards to the bothy accommodation.

To apply, please click here


5 thoughts on “Job vacancy: Species Protection Officers x 4 (ospreys), Scottish Wildlife Trust”

  1. I’m suprised that stating in a job application that the candidates are expected to work “voluntary unpaid overtime” is legal. It was seem to be a construction to avoid paying minimum wage.

  2. I would absolutely jump at the chance to do this job, it is my perfect job, it almost has my name on it, it’s a shame I can’t move to Scotland…

  3. “Wildlife will provide jobs in rural areas”- great example here ! Who can support a family on that wage? Where is the security for families to be able to live in the rural areas?
    I think it’s pathetic offering a job for this timescale and wage, why can’t they pay for men full time to monitor other wildlife when the ospreys are finished?

    1. “why can’t they pay for men full time to monitor other wildlife when the ospreys are finished?”

      Because it is not required.

      “Who can support a family on that wage?”

      No-one is meant to be supporting a family: it is not a permanent, full-time job.

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