New poll shows majority of Scots want stronger animal welfare laws

More for Scotland’s Animals (MFSA) is a new campaigning coalition formed by ten of the UK’s top animal welfare organisations.

Today, MFSA issued a press release showing the results of a recent YouGov poll which indicates that the majority of Scots want stronger animal welfare laws. One of the coalition members is OneKind and you can read the press release on the OneKind website here.

The poll mostly covered animal welfare issues relating to the pet trade, companion animals and farming, but interestingly The Herald’s coverage was illustrated by a photo of a red grouse:

This image choice may have been influenced by another poll result, which was that 76% of Scots want to see a ban on the use of snares, which are used routinely and indiscriminately on many grouse moors (e.g. see ‘Hanged by the Feet until Dead‘, a recent report published by the League Against Cruel Sports, here).

It may also have been influenced by the Scottish Government’s response to the MFSA poll. A Govt spokesman said:

The Scottish Government takes animal welfare and wildlife crime very seriously and is committed to ensuring the highest standards in Scotland.

That is why we have taken a range of actions over this Parliament, from banning wild animals in travelling circuses through to the recent Animals and Wildlife Act, which increases the maximum penalties for the most serious animal welfare and wildlife crimes, and offers more protection to animals, including service animals and mountain hares.

We are introducing a new modern licensing regime for dog breeders and pet sellers (including ‘Lucy’s Law’) to prevent the third party sale of puppies and kittens as pets, as well as licensing of animal rescue centres and rehoming activities, and cat and rabbit breeding.

We have also established the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission to provide independent expert advice on animal welfare matters and we are currently consulting on possible improvements to animal transport legislation.

In addition, as part of our response to the Werritty report, we confirmed we will bring forward plans to license grouse moors in a bid to tackle raptor persecution. We will continue to work with our partners and Scotland’s animal welfare organisations to ensure animals have the best possible protection.”

4 thoughts on “New poll shows majority of Scots want stronger animal welfare laws”

  1. Who do you vote for to get any action? The Tories with English accents (Conservatives)? The Tories with Scottish accents (SNP)? The Tories with mixed accents and pretending to have a social conscience (Labour)? Or the Greens?

  2. All too often, as weve seen from at least the 1954 Protection of Birds Act up to the present, you can have all the “strong laws” you ask for..without “strong enforcement” to back it up, its close to meaningless, on the ground.

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