Kestrel attacked with baseball bat: West Yorkshire Police seek witnesses

West Yorkshire Police’s Wildlife & Rural Team (Leeds) attended an incident in Bradley Park, Huddersfield where someone had attacked a kestrel with a baseball bat.

The date and time of the incident is not given in this police tweet posted yesterday but police are appealing for witnesses who haven’t already come forward to please do so now.

If you saw this incident or have information relating to it please call the police on 101 and quote ref # 13200421413.


8 thoughts on “Kestrel attacked with baseball bat: West Yorkshire Police seek witnesses”

    1. Yes, it caught me like that somewhat.
      There has to be an explanation. We must be missing something really obvious.
      Inbreeding – could that be it. People too closely related bringing about an increased frequency of detrimental rare variants.
      The problem ahead is that these people mix with their own type and will produce more offspring who are worse.

  1. Another example of the casual violence against wildlife, livestock and pets that’s not directly linked to sport shooting. Looks as if we need to be directing attention to this topic alongside DGS and the mass release of pheasant/partridge.

  2. Humans are unique in that as a species it encompasses individuals which can operate at either end of the spectrum of good and evil. The history of religion is an attempt by mankind to try and offer humans both individually and collectively a moral compass. With the decline in the importance of religion in the post industrial world, it can be argued that for many humans there is now a loss of this moral compass, – good and bad behaviour is now defined by the ethics of the social group a person moves in.
    Sadly, some of these groups operate purely on a selfish level, where ethical standards and compassion for others have sunk to an all time low.

    The continual media coverage of violence in our society, which even permeates into computer games means that such vile acts as attacking a kestrel with a baseball bat are no longer seen as shocking.

    During this summer those living in the countryside have witnessed visitors leaving litter everywhere, defecating, and showing no respect for the environment, nature or even the local residents.
    I despair.
    It’s what comes when society focuses too much on monetary wealth generation and too little on what it actually means to share this planet with the rest of life!

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