Chris Packham talks raptor persecution with Martin Harper 6pm this evening

Wild Justice, the RSPB and Hen Harrier Action launched an e-action at this year’s virtual Hen Harrier Day, urging elected politicians to act on raptor persecution and environmental damage caused by intensive grouse moor management.

So far, over 59,000 e-actions have been sent. If you haven’t yet signed up, you can do it HERE.

As part of this campaign, Wild Justice’s Chris Packham will be having conversations with a number of conservationists from around the UK, including discussions about the continued illegal killing of birds of prey on grouse moors.

The series kicks off this evening at 6pm with Chris in conversation with Martin Harper, the RSPB’s Global Conservation Director.

UPDATE: Here is a recording of the conversation: (Footage of Hen harriers for first seven minutes!)




8 thoughts on “Chris Packham talks raptor persecution with Martin Harper 6pm this evening”

  1. Hahaaha. The crap that comes out of this guy is unbelievable! Don’t get me started on the RSPB who have been destroying wildlife for years!

    1. What exactly did he say that was crap? Fair enough if you don’t agree that licencing is the way forward – as he acknowledged, many people don’t – but he made a reasonable case for it and everything else he said during the interview was surely absolutely in line with what we all think?
      As to your assertion that the RSPB has been destroying wildlife for years, perhaps you could provide a few concrete examples to back that up?

  2. Sorry to be a pain, Doc. But I can’t see any link to the video (hence my initial comment).

    [Ed: Ah, sorry Coop, I can see the link from this end and hadn’t realised there was a problem. If it’s not working for you can I suggest you go to Google and type in ‘Chris Packham twitter’ or ‘Chris Packham facebook’. You don’t need an account to view either of these and the video link is available on both]

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