Nasty BASCers

This is deeply unpleasant stuff from BASC.

Posted on the BASC website last week:

Targeted and abusive, aimed at a young woman at the start of her conservation career, who would never in a million years consider herself a ‘celebrity’.

Megan’s ‘crime’? First, writing an accurate post on social media about the environmental damage caused by driven grouse shooting. And second, being Chris Packham’s step-daughter.

BASC’s Garry Doolan, ex-tabloid hack (and boy, can’t you tell) accuses Megan of writing ‘woke guff‘ (which, as Mark Avery points out here, is a term which ‘tends to be used pejoratively only by the far right of politics, and racists’) and says her words were ‘admirably tackled in the comments thread‘.

By ‘admirably tackled‘ is he referring to the personal abuse Megan has received, which, unsurprisingly, has since increased considerably since BASC published this personal attack?

Nasty stuff, BASC, very nasty indeed.


If, like Megan, you’re sick to the back teeth of illegal raptor persecution on driven grouse moors, please consider participating in this quick and easy e-action to send a letter to your local Parliamentary representative (MSP/MP/MS) urging action. Launched 11 days ago by Wild Justice, RSPB and Hen Harrier Action, over 56,000 people have signed up so far.

This means that over 56,000 pre-written letters complaining about illegal raptor persecution and the environmental damage caused by intensive grouse moor management, are winging their way to politicians of all parties across the UK. If you want your local politician to receive one, Please join in HERE

Thank you

30 thoughts on “Nasty BASCers”

  1. Megan should keep records of all these posts and make a complaint of harassment if necessary. Personal attacks like this are encouraging people to abuse her.

  2. Megan is absolutely beautiful inside and out! She needn’t worry about anything she says, protects and promotes. We all have passion for our subject as will Mr Doolan. If Gary Doolan is so self centred that he thinks that his industry does more to help conservation then what a dumb old ass he is and hopefully times are changing and he will go where the dinosaurs eventually went -extinct!! My theory as a woman – is when a man attacks a beautiful woman it tends to be because he fancies her and has no other way of attracting her attention as intelligent talk is clearly missing from this not so gentlemanly person!!

    1. Some males have a power problem and are intimidated by women especially those that can show their superiority. They then turn to the only other defence and that is brutality. They probably beat women on a regular basis.

      I respect women for their contribution to our world and I have worked with many female colleagues and female managers without problems.

      One of my daughters has learned martial art, for her well being and defence following some bad experiences with aggressive males. She encourages her 12 yr old daughter in her Karate. Both are working towards black belt.

      I too look forward to the extinction of the BASC and its cronies.

  3. As if we need further proof of the filth we are dealing with. Total misogynistic scumbags on top of everything else. Bastards.

    1. Yeah – the ‘woke’ tag has become a convenient label for utterly repellent far right and even neo nazi freaks to use against anybody they don’t like as a substitute for detailed criticism and discussion which they are intellectually incapable of. I think the connotation now is supposed to mean virtue signalling poseur which certainly doesn’t apply to Megan. Some of these youtubers and podcasters are incredibly strident and aggressive, but get plenty of views. At 53 I’m seeing open virulent anti Semitism I’ve never seen before and thought I’d never, ever see. Very disturbing how much hate there is now bubbling away. It’s a vile, disgusting business and no surprise there appears to be crossover with some in the shooting fraternity we’ve always known how nasty they are to animals and people.

  4. There is nothing “admirable” about BASC’s personal attacks against Megan. I’m also at a loss as to what the “well evidenced” “counter arguments” for driven grouse shooting are? And while I’m here……Since when has the desire to uphold the law been considered extremist?

  5. Usually when people resort to personally abusive comments, its because they have lost the argument, and they have nothing left to offer.
    It is often a trait of the small minded bully, who realises they have been beaten by a better person!!

  6. I grew up around shooting and was a BASC junior member until I lost all interest in shooting as I got older. BASC always seemed to be at the more reasonable end of the shooting community, understanding the harm things like wildlife crime and bad practice do for public support. So it’s a shame to see them going down the same unpleasant route other corners of the shooting lobby like to go down.

    Makes you wonder what on earth their strategy is if going after wildlife campaigners and presenters they disagree with is considered a wise use of time and resources. I genuinely have no idea what they plan to achieve with it. Seems extremely counterproductive to me.

  7. Appears someone has edited the BASC blog and removed the ‘woke guff’ expression – slap on the wrist for Mr Doolan for his emotive rant! It now says “ Her statement was admirably tackled in the comments thread by those …” They must have been embarrassed by the lack of professionalism!

  8. I did write a detailed deconstruction of the language used here, but it is not worth saying it because the dishonest people engaging in these offensives personal attacks, and using culturally appropriated racist terms would just misrepresent what I said. These shooting lobbyists have simply gone beyond the pale. I think any shooters with a moral compass need to immediately disassociate themselves from this offensive language and condemn it, because if they don’t, they are essentially complicit in the use of gross racist language associated with the extreme right and white supremacists.

  9. Possible gun owners who post hate speech, threats, abusive comments and the like should be reported to the police for possibly committing an offence AND for behaviour likely to render them unfit to hold a firearms, shotgun or, in Scotland, airgun license/certificate. It would be up to the police to try and identify them but sometimes those posting illegal comments are too daft to properly hide their identity. Even if they have not committed a criminal offence their behaviour could persuade the police that they are not fit to own a gun.

  10. I doubt if he’s even a longstanding shooting man – though I could be wrong. I’d like to know for how many years he’s been deeply into his cause, or if he’s just newly “woke” himself. I’ve looked through stuff he’s put out on internet and to me he just comes over more like a low-rent gobshite drafted in to do a bit of spin, rather than the real deal with an ingrained personal passion for DGS.

  11. Garry Doolan, You really need to learn how to spell, before you attack others. The word you were groping for is ‘Peddle’, not Pedal, And you, a journalist!

  12. After reading this, BASC have appeared on my news feed. So, I had a look & came across their “review” of the effects of game-bird releases, together wit
    h Natural England. I couldn’t quite believe what I saw. Is that load of offal & waffle what passes for science in Govt circles? I despair!

  13. Any self respecting member of the BASC should by now have cancelled their membership in disgust at the remarks by their representative

  14. I was told on Twitter yesterday that referring to those who kill wildlife for fun as “bloodthirsty” is more abusive than this article on Ms McCubbin. Scarily, the guy objecting is a “professor” at Essex University who disagrees with being lumped with the other killers because he only shoots a few Mallard for the table! They do have all the intellectuals don’t they?

  15. My useless MP Damien Moore, declared that he does not waste his time on issues outside constituency and not much within. I did get a response a while ago about a gamekeeper in court for disturbing and possibly killing peregrines. His case was dropped because the video was from an camera set without permission. His answer was more to reprimand me for raising criminal activity within the game shooting industry. He only ever follows Tory party line. Useless.

  16. I am ashamed to admit that my great grandfather founded the organisation from which BASC evolved. He was a nasty man who liked killing birds, so it is no surprise BASC is full of nasty men who like killing birds.

  17. BASC? Remind me, is that the British Association for Shooting and Criminality?

    I think the McCubbin lassie would be able to destroy any of these clowns on any debate relating to conservation, environmentalism, and ecology, hence BASC’s need to send involve and encourage their extremist element.

    It wasn’t that long ago, that BASC issued the following statement;

    “BASC remains committed to constructive dialogue with all sides of the debate in the hope it can help bring about an end to the persecution of raptors.”

    I wonder what happened to that approach?

  18. Yesterday we listened to a most inspirational talk by Stephen Murphy, a spokesperson for Natural England, who told us all about his work to help restore the Hen Harrier population. The talk was arranged by the British Trust for Ornithology remotely via Zoom. It was very informative, but very little detail about the persecution of these birds by game keepers or anyone else. Indeed from all accounts the hen harrier population is now thriving, the birds are breeding well, helped with artificial nests constructed by NE, and numbers are gradually increasing.

    1. I wonder where this Hen Harrier population is? The diet of lead that gamekeepers feed them, along with wholesome poisons and traps to keep them out of danger!!!!!!!!!!! Is NE set on a propaganda course?

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