‘Stop the persecution’ says Yorkshire Post cartoonist

Graeme Bandeira is the cartoonist at The Yorkshire Post.

This morning he tweeted the following:

Birds of Prey persecution. Finally able to get my talons into a cartoon to highlight this barbaric behaviour and something I feel very strongly about. Birds are being culled in large numbers and NOTHING is done. Absolutely NOTHING. It has to stop“.

Public awareness continues to grow, as does the pressure on politicians to do something about it.

You can help. If you’re sick to the back teeth of illegal raptor persecution on driven grouse moors, please consider participating in this quick and easy e-action to send a letter to your local Parliamentary representative (MSP/MP/MS) urging action. Launched last Saturday by Wild Justice, RSPB and Hen Harrier Action, over 41,000 people have signed up so far.

This means that over 41,000 pre-written letters complaining about illegal raptor persecution and the environmental damage caused by intensive grouse moor management, are winging their way to politicians of all parties across the country. If you want your local politician to receive one, Please join in HERE

Thank you

9 thoughts on “‘Stop the persecution’ says Yorkshire Post cartoonist”

  1. I tweeted all the local papers near me. Bolton, Oldham and Yorkshire asking them to care. Not forgetting the Manchester Evening news. I will keep doing it till they share it.

  2. What a shame the same paper thought fit to publish a pack of lies earlier in the week.

    [Ed: To be fair to the Yorkshire Post, this was paid-for advertisement from BASC, who appear to be going towards the C4PMC model]

    1. Indeed it was, Doc. Maybe I should’ve made that clear. That said, the paper still has the choice whether or not to pimp itself out for dirty money.

      [Ed: Fair point]

  3. We can bang on about medicated grit, snares, poison baits, hill tracks, traps, dead raptors etc. etc. ’til the cows come home,but – just occasionally – a picture crops up that says more in a heartbeat, has such power and simply soars above the ‘facts’ for a devastating impact. Made my day. Brilliant.

  4. The picture requires no words to anyone who is normal we need to get them out there so anyone visiting can see them

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