Cross-party political pressure on Scottish Government to respond to Werritty review on grouse moor licensing

There was an interesting opinion piece in The Herald on 12th August, written by Mark Smith who was scathing both about grouse shooters (‘that rare and rather sad creature’) and the Scottish Government’s ‘lack of urgency’ in its failure to respond to the Werritty Review. It’s well worth a read (here).

Meanwhile, further to First Minister’s Questions on 12th August when Alison Johnstone MSP (Scottish Greens) put Nicola Sturgeon on the spot about the ongoing illegal persecution of birds of prey on grouse moors (see here), and the subsequent feeble response from Environment Cabinet Secretary Roseanna Cunningham (here), yesterday saw more cross-party pressure piled on to the Scottish Government over this issue.

John Mason (SNP), Alison Johnstone (Greens) and Alex Rowley (Labour) all pushed Environment Minister Mairi Gougeon and made it clear that patience has run out:

Transcript from the Scottish Parliament’s Official Report, 13th August 2020.

There’s absolutely no doubt the pressure is mounting to unprecedented levels.

One of these MSPs has taken the matter a step further. More on that in the next blog….

Meanwhile, if you want to add to that mounting pressure, and if you’re sick to the back teeth of illegal raptor persecution on driven grouse moors, please consider participating in this quick and easy e-action to send a letter to your local Parliamentary representative (MSP/MP/MS) urging action. Launched last Saturday by Wild Justice, RSPB and Hen Harrier Action, over 41,000 people have signed up so far.

This means that over 41,000 pre-written letters complaining about illegal raptor persecution and the environmental damage caused by intensive grouse moor management, are winging their way to politicians of all parties across the country. If you want your local politician to receive one, Please join in HERE

Thank you

5 thoughts on “Cross-party political pressure on Scottish Government to respond to Werritty review on grouse moor licensing”

  1. The Werritty review took nearly two years to complete and reported on 19 December 2019, eight months ago. The latest response on the issue indicated that the Scottish government were still consulting on licencing and the destruction of our mountain hares! On this issue, the SNP have a blind spot and need to take action now.

  2. I see the weasel phrase – “any criminal acts carried out *now* will be taken into account *if* and when we come to consider licensing” – has returned.

    Perhaps an interested MSP might ask if *now* means that previous criminal acts will be forgotten, and whether *if* indicates uncertainty rather than resolve?

    1. Yes that really bothers me to. It shows that they really are wavering on this when everything is absolutely clear and they should have a crystal clear resolve and direction. Pathetic!
      If the killers had paused the killing for a year then it looks like there response would have been another can kicking. How much fecking evidence do they need. Mind you the Werriitty Report was also pathetic (can’t remember who chose the members) so if they were looking for clear guidance they must have been disappointed. But now with the ongoing killing there really is no excuse and can it really be true that the whole of government is caught up in the Covid-19 response?

  3. I note that Mairi Gougeon states that the 2020 Act has been implemented. However, it’s my understanding that the Mountain Hare protection element is still in abeyance.

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