4th peregrine confirmed poisoned on Guernsey & another raptor submitted for toxicology analysis

A couple of weeks ago Police on the island of Guernsey appealed for information (see here) after at least three peregrines had been found poisoned with ‘an unusual cocktail of banned pesticides’ in the previous 14 months and a fourth peregrine, found dead in June 2020, had been submitted for toxicology analysis which was delayed by Covid19.

Those toxicology results have now confirmed that the fourth peregrine was also poisoned by what have been described as ‘professional-use pesticides’ (see here). Another dead bird of prey (not identified in the local press), has been submitted for toxicology analysis after being found dead in July ‘under unusual circumstances’.

The names of the banned pesticides have not been revealed.

An anonymous donor has contacted Guernsey Animal Aid to put up a £5,000 reward for anyone who can provide information that leads to a conviction (see here).

Sue Vidamour from the charity said:

It’s a disgusting thing to do, to kill a beautiful animal like that for your own gain or for whatever reason is just outrageous. 

Maybe somebody out there knows who it is but is reluctant to say but humans being humans it may just tip the balance and they’ll give a name.” 

UPDATE 9th August 2020: £10,500 reward for info on four poisoned peregrines (here)

7 thoughts on “4th peregrine confirmed poisoned on Guernsey & another raptor submitted for toxicology analysis”

  1. Well done anonymous person. Is this something that we can adopt here on the mainland? If all animal welfare charities organised donations from the public to set rewards for convictions of wildlife criminals, could this be effective?

    1. It has been tried in the Nidderdale AONB involving local businessmen. Unfortunately, it didn’t produce any results.

  2. To affect real and lasting change there has to be physical demonstrations in public allied with the more formal routes of protest ie letters and outrage and as here sponsored grassing…but in essence change will not come without root and stem reform, that is, use of land for the PROMOTION of wildlife, not the rampant slaying of outstanding wild creatures ( and pets) by the few against the many, for the reasons of pleasure killing. Certain landowners and their sidekicks are criminals but of course our police are effectively impotent because they have no real political support. Poisoning is a cowardly but effective way of killing an animal…you just order banned toxins off the internet, use them, get rid of them and hey presto, job done before any law officer can obtain evidence. There are occasional discoveries of banned poisons in storage but often the fines are minimal and the real instigators of the killings are never ever brought to book. Seems that certain individuals are above the law but I wonder why that is? Answers please on very large postcard, probably the size of Nidderdale.

  3. Just what is wrong with certain people that they believe they have the right to kill wildlife? Wildlife has enough problems of its own due to habitat destruction caused by human activity, without evil people deliberately killing animals and birds by malevolent acts.
    Whichever criminal was behind these abhorrent acts in Guernsey must have had the motive and means. On a relatively small island like Guernsey where the communities are close knit, hopefully someone will provide the police with information on who is likely to have the motive and means.
    A group most likely to have the motive to kill peregrines are pigeon fanciers and pigeon racers.
    Having listened to some of the morally challenged individuals who participate in this pastime their hatred of peregrines has overwhelmed them to the point that killing anything that would interfere with their beloved birds becomes all consuming.
    Perhaps they need to remind themselves that many see pigeons as a “pest species” of bird, which in urban settings have been linked to the spread of disease due to their feeding habits around waste, their droppings and the fact that many pigeons carry parasites. Feral Pigeons are listed as a bird which can be killed under the General licence to protect public health.
    I wonder how these pigeon fanciers would feel, if people took it upon them selves to shoot their pigeons under the General Licence?
    Perhaps that would be a just response to the vile acts of poisoning peregrines?
    I suspect the criminal responsible has a “pigeon sized brain” so any form of dialogue on the subject would be impossible!

    1. May not be a resident.
      xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

      IF, AND I STRESS IF, the poisonings are pigeon related then there are a lot of people who send their pigeons to be released. Perhaps there are peregrine falcon enemies among those that own the pigeons.

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