Wild Justice raises £48.5K within 3 days for badger cull challenge

Just three days ago Wild Justice launched a crowdfunder to raise £48.5K to support a legal challenge against the badger cull (see here).

Today, incredibly, thanks to an outpouring of public support the target has been reached and the crowdfunder has now been closed!

£38.5K was raised directly by generous supporters and then another £10K was pledged this afternoon from an organisation whose identity will be revealed in due course.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this appeal – the response has been phenomenal.

For more information on this case and other Wild Justice legal challenges, both current and forthcoming, check out the Wild Justice blog (here) and subscribe to the free Wild Justice newsletter (here).

5 thoughts on “Wild Justice raises £48.5K within 3 days for badger cull challenge”

  1. Badger culling in recent years has to be one of the worst and most pointless cases of wildlife persecution ever perpetrated….and all so DEFRA can claim to be ‘doing something’ to attempt to deal with BTB. All in the knowledge that unless every single badger is removed it just wont work…..and failing to recognise that hygiene and movements are at source anyway……I wish them good luck, but the NFU and the CA are extremely powerful lobbyists in this regard and it will be a surprise if anything much will change.

  2. I think this is fantastic; even if it fails, the measure of support is a great sign that public feeling is changing and this and other causes are brought to the attention of the, perhaps previously unaware, due to commitment of this blog, WJ, and other vocal organisations, LACS etc, with social media playing a very positive part in this at least.

  3. Another waste of public money! Will there ever be transparency of how much gets pocketed by peckem apery etc (expenses of course)! If protection was removed from hedgehog, bee’s and ground nesting bird disease spreading Badgers, the people whose lives they affect could control them and the peanut fed others could carry on regardless!

    1. Spectacular ! Hedgehogs and bees and ground nesting birds are all in catastrophic decline…….I suppose you just want them extinct ? God help the human “race” ! Its almost spell binding this !

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