Petition to ban driven grouse shooting: Chris Packham talks with Kerry McCarthy MP

Last summer campaign group Wild Justice (Chris Packham, Mark Avery, Ruth Tingay) lodged a petition calling for a ban on driven grouse shooting (here).

Within just a few hours of going public the petition had attracted 10,000 signatures, triggering the usual pathetic response from DEFRA (here).

Less than three weeks after the launch the petition had attracted 100,000 signatures (here), triggering what we hoped would be another Parliamentary debate, especially as many of the dishonourable members whose self-interested posturing had defiled the 2016 debate (here) had since left the building.

The 2019 General Election brought an abrupt end to the petition and to the prospect of a prompt debate but in early March 2020, Wild Justice was informed that a Parliamentary debate was due to be scheduled, probably within a month (see here).

Shortly afterwards the UK went in to Corona virus lockdown and obviously other priorities took hold. But several weeks ago the Parliamentary Petitions Committee got in touch and asked whether Wild Justice would like an opportunity to have an online discussion with a Committee member about the issues raised in the petition.

Many thanks to Petitions Committee member Kerry McCarthy MP who hosted a video conference call with Chris Packham, which was published yesterday (see links below).

It’s interesting to note that at the end of the discussion Kerry told Chris the Committee would be contacting the DEFRA Minister to try and extract another response and she also suggested that once Parliament is sitting again, there might be an opportunity to have what she called ‘a proper debate’. That’d be good. And as Chris said, this issue isn’t going away and campaigners will be continuing to raise awareness and mobilise more and more supporters to bring about a ban on driven grouse shooting.

Download the full transcript here: WildJustice petition videocall transcipt Kerry_Chris

Watch the video here:

12 thoughts on “Petition to ban driven grouse shooting: Chris Packham talks with Kerry McCarthy MP”

  1. Chris Packham was superb in his interaction with the Government representative. He spoke from the heart and was very inclusive of all the matters that relate to DGS in this island of ours. Let us live in some hope that the government will listen and take action on all the matters that Chris spoke of.

  2. If you watch just one thing this week, make sure that it’s this 40 minute video. It’s superb – not only CP but also KM who showed that she had done her homework beforehand.

  3. Unless i have missed something new, Chris has conflated the two Hen Harrier cunning plans.
    He says the scheme will take chicks from grouse moors and will “release them in areas which are ‘allegedly’ safe in the south of England” and goes on to mention the southern introduction release site which, unless something has changed, isn’t the case.
    Are there plans to combine the two schemes?

  4. Brilliant stuff! CP at the top of his game, particularly his incisive analysis of the gibberish of licensing for DGS.

  5. Masterful display by CP – amazingly articulate, in total command of his material, and getting just the right balance of rationality and heart-felt conviction. Great stuff.
    And an impressive, well-informed performance from Kerry McCarthy – it almost restores one’s faith in our elected representatives (well, some of them at least).

  6. If they ban it you won’t see grouse in the abundance as you do now there will be predators to kill them and no one will bother to protect them it’s all part of being British it’s also conservation of our wildlife look at all the jobs what would be lost Chris Peckham is just a tosser leave our countryside and heritage alone if it was not for the shooting man you would not see the diversity in wildlife in this country 😠

    1. Oh dear, oh dear, where to start?

      Carl, I can assure you that I’m fully ‘British’ and, funnily enough, shooting a highly manipulated population of a single species for fun does not resonate with my Britishness one jot. Nor does slaughtering vast numbers of our wildlife to support that highly manipulated species’ population that is then shot for fun for that matter.

      As for ‘conservation’, perhaps you would like to join the new shagging-for-virginity movement as it seems to share the same killing-for-conservation logic that you have so masterfully deployed? I would also put it to you that once the ‘shooting man’s’ boot/gun/snares/traps/poisons/big sticks are removed from our countryside, our wildlife and our environment, you would see an explosion of biodiversity. How’s that for Britishness?

    2. And the award for the longest ever sentence of utter bollocks, without punctuation of any kind, goes to…

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