First Hen Harrier Day event for Wales – 18 July 2020

Save the date folks – 18 July 2020 – as Hen Harrier Day arrives in Wales!

Beginning in 2014, this annual event has since spread across the UK including England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, typically taking place on the weekend before the opening of the grouse-shooting season on 12th August.

It’s brilliant to see people in Wales now stepping forward to host an event and also to see it spreading beyond August. Hen harriers are illegally killed on grouse moors year-round, not just in August, so the more opportunities there are to highlight these crimes, the better.

If you’re on social media follow the organisers of Hen Harrier Day Wales @wcrcuk for more details.

UPDATE 14 March 2020: Booking opens for Hen Harrier Day Wales (here)

5 thoughts on “First Hen Harrier Day event for Wales – 18 July 2020”

  1. This is brilliant! Given the push back against rewilding and conservation generally that’s been going on in parts of rural Wales great to see this happening. I’m assuming Iolo Williams will be taking part which means it will get off to a flying start. Hopefully although not a to blown event we should manage to have a stall in Falkirk High Street and that’s something that could happen in many towns to help spread the word.

  2. Great news, but I hope Iolo lays off his negative views about our native and severely persecuted Red Fox.

      1. Good to hear from you, Lizzybusy. I think that’s the first time my research has been declared “wonderful,” so I hope you’re not disappointed. Much of the writing was on an amateur basis to start off with, untilI I took over the enduring task of Compiler and Editoe of the Clyde Bird report. I can post you a couple of copies if you remind me of your address to So far I have submitted few to academic scientific journals, maybe because I “feel I’m not worthy” because I don’t have a PhD! I have submitted a series of papers on my hen harrier studies which were contracted to both SNH and the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park, the moorland part of which is my study area. I’ll check the copyright issue, but I’m sure they won’t mind me providing copies. They include the results of observations using CCTV. Apart from that, most of my ornithological work has been doing fieldwork, including Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) methodology, as well as carrying out ecological assessments for contractors. One published paper I co-wrote with researchers at Paisley University was entitled (something like) “Benthic Invertebrates of a Polluted Estuary”, for which I had carried out some of the fieldwork. If you’re interested in that I could dig it out for you (unintended pun!). Meanwhile most of my fieldwork time has been devoted to writing up, for health reasons, unpublished bird reports and a review of my harrier work for submission to “Scottish Birds,” the quarterly journal of the SOC.

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