Eagle persecution to be highlighted at Edinburgh International Book Festival

The illegal killing of eagles on Scottish grouse moors will reach a new audience on Friday when its highlighted in an hour-long session at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Multi-award-winning children’s author Gill Lewis will be featuring her latest book, Eagle Warrior, which was inspired by the suspicious disappearance of satellite-tagged golden eagle Fred in January 2018.

You can learn more about Gill in this fascinating recent podcast with Charlie Moores here

Gill will be joined on stage by raptor conservationist and RPUK blogger Ruth Tingay, who’ll place Fred’s suspicious disappearance in to context with all the other eagles that have either been found shot, trapped or poisoned on grouse moors in Scotland, or have ‘vanished’ on those moors without a trace, despite wearing the most advanced satellite trackers available.

Ruth and Gill be on stage in the Baillie Gifford Corner Theatre at 15.45hrs.

This event will also provide an excellent opportunity to hand out some more postcards, featuring a golden eagle photographed by Chris Packham, encouraging festival-goers to sign the petition to ban driven grouse shooting, currently at 73,470 signatures (100,000 needed).

Incidentally, if anyone would like one of these postcards to show to friends, family, work colleagues etc to encourage them to sign the petition, (just use the camera on your smartphone to scan the QR code & the link to the petition will appear), Wild Justice can send you one. Please follow the instructions here.

3 thoughts on “Eagle persecution to be highlighted at Edinburgh International Book Festival”

  1. If you ask the front of house staff attending the talk to take a couple of postcards and get the rest of site team to sign up that could help too, a fair few people are employed on quite a small site. They may well ask for cards anyway, and apologies if you’ve thought of this yourself!

  2. Excellent – getting the issue out to more people!

    Can I ask why the Wild Justice directors support walked-up grouse shooting? I was a bit surprised by that in the Jacoby “interview.”
    I worry that the grouse moor managers will still manage the moors intensively when this becomes their only method of shooting grouse.

    1. I’ve always been clear on social media that those who hunt and eat their own food, though a seemingly small voice in all this, I have no problems with. Walk up Grouse shooting still seems logical to me as part of the greater preservation of the environment and an additional revenue stream for communities. Perhaps making it more boutique will bring in more revenue to locals offering accommodation to a more ethical shooting fraternity as well as nature lovers. If keepers are killing what people travel there for then the community can and should drive them out.

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