Salisbury peregrine ‘Peter’ – shot last year, Dad this year

A good news story!

Last year we blogged about a peregrine that had been found shot in Hampshire. His colour ring (Blue GX) identified him as ‘Peter’, one of the chicks that successfully fledged from Salisbury Cathedral in 2014. He’d suffered a fractured wing from the gunshot fragments.

Peter spent a few months in the care of the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover where he received specialist veterinary attention and rehabilitation that allowed him to be released back to the wild several months later (see here).

[Photo of Peter’s release by James Fisher]

This year, thanks to his colour ring, Peter has been recorded nesting at a quarry in Hampshire. This breeding attempt has resulted in two successfully fledged chicks. Full details here on the Salisbury Cathedral website.

What a fantastic outcome for all those involved with his rescue and rehabilitation. Well done and thank you!

[Digiscoped photo of Peter at the quarry, by Keith Betton]

13 thoughts on “Salisbury peregrine ‘Peter’ – shot last year, Dad this year”

  1. Grant story. Well done the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover – always worth a visit. (not to be confused with the Hawk and Owl Trust). Keep up the good work.

  2. Brilliant news.Ihave been following story.No chicks or nesting at Salisbury this year.Big fight with tagged perigrine sally.who won the battle.Good news all round.

  3. How wonderful that peter survived and was able to be released back in to the wild to hopefully live his life to the fullest
    And well done to the rehabbers and big thank you form me
    Does anyone know what happened to Sebastian?

  4. Who would have thought that this would be the outcome for Peter. I am sure that some would have doubted the wisdom of such intensive and prolonged treatment, but those who undertook it have been vindicated. WELL DONE!

  5. I’ve got to say what a Fantastic outcome,a brilliant job done, you all must be proud,he looks in great condition,a Cracking Bird.great to have some good news.

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