Peregrine found shot in Devon

News of yet another shot peregrine, this time in Devon.

The female bird was found on 6 March 2017 next to Milton Abbot primary school in Tavistock. She was taken to a vet where an x-ray revealed a piece of shot lodged in her right shoulder (x-ray & photo courtesy Westmoor Veterinary Hospital, Tavistock).

The peregrine is currently being cared for by a local falconer.

Further details of this incident, and several other shot peregrines that have been found this year, on the RSPB’s Investigations Team blog here

5 thoughts on “Peregrine found shot in Devon”

  1. listening to a prog on radio during the nightime last Wed called Up All Night, there was a conversation about the smoke that comes off and spreads far and wide fromt he burning of the heather for the driven grouse shooting. it containes dionxines which are carcinogenic. Please contact Rob Sharpe who’s show this is and the man that he spoke to who knows what he is saying. He said that the kind of poeple who can reliably test the air can check this out and then the way forward is to go to the National Parks etc.,

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