More on COPFS wildlife prosecutors: two out of three ‘ain’t bad

In February this year, an announcement was made about the pending appointment of three specialist prosecutors to deal exclusively with wildlife and environmental crime in Scotland (see here).

In August, an announcement was made that two specialist prosecutors had now been appointed (see here). We commented at the time that COPFS (Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service) had not provided any information about the prior experience of these two new fiscals in this specialist area of law, and that no mention had been made of the appointment of a third wildlife crime fiscal.

There still isn’t any word on the appointment of a third specialist fiscal, but there is now a statement from COPFS about the two new appointees – Kate Fleming and Shona McJannett:

Kate has been an environmental specialist prosecutor for several years and is based at the Procurator Fiscal’s office in Glasgow. Shona’s interest in environmental law goes back to her days at university and she has prosecuted both wildlife and environmental cases in her previous post in Fife. She is now based in the PF office in Edinburgh.”

We wish them both well and look forward to following their progress. We particularly look forward to seeing a substantial increase in the number of successful prosecutions for wildlife crime.

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