2 Northumberland red kites confirmed poisoned

2 Northumberland red kites have been confirmed as having been poisoned.

The birds were found close to each other in Hexham, Northumberland on 12th February 2010  and were sent for post mortem analysis to a specialist veterinary surgeon in Newcastle. It was recently confirmed that the birds died as a result of eating meat which had been laced with poison.

Full story. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/tyne/10490567.stm

One thought on “2 Northumberland red kites confirmed poisoned”

  1. Has this only just been confirmed?…in July?…if youre going to catch a poisoner you need to get in there as soon as possible. Was there a follow-up?….and most important where did this occur?…..we should keep pushing on that – every wildlife poisoning is a significant human health and safety risk [and even alpha will kill a pet].

    Apologies if this has just been passed to your site from February….even the BBC link has no clear date..but if not, such a delay over publicity is unacceptable…someone has been dragging their heels.The fact that its “a landowner” who reported the birds shouldnt prevent naming the land on which its found – if they are innocent, what do they have to fear? More openness needed all round over these cases.

    There is Case Law [in Scotland] which legitimises the granting of a search warrant where poisoning is merely suspected [with good reason of course, in that case blue granules on a bait/ in mouth of victim] – there is absolutely no need to hold back several months waiting for poison analysis.

    and finally, very sad, till now this release seems to have been far freer from such crimes than North Scotland, Central Scotland and Galloway releases.

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