Skibo Gamekeeper Blames RSPB for “Stuff” Turning Up.

The Daily Record newspaper 21st June 2010, carries the report that Dean Barr, a gamekeeper at Skibo estate, is being investigated after the discovery of  3 dead golden eagles, a dead buzzard and a dead sparrowhawk on the estate.

The report claims that Barr, 43, a Northern Irishman was also investigated after a similar incident at his previous employers, the Raeshaw Estate near Edinburgh, where 9 birds of prey were found poisoned or shot. He denies any involvement in the alleged killing of the birds at Skibo. Speaking from his home on the estate he said,  “I would say it is our friends at the RSPB. There has been a few incidents before where stuff has turned up. They are doing it for publicity. The more publicity they get, the more money they get.”

Full story:

2 thoughts on “Skibo Gamekeeper Blames RSPB for “Stuff” Turning Up.”

  1. and just in case anyone comes up with that other old chestnut…”you cant print this, its prejudicial to the case”…these are all summary procedure[as opposed to solemn procedure] cases, which are heard before a Sheriff only…and Sheriffs cannot [enshrined in Scots Law] be prejudiced.When you hear of such sub-judice type of cases they are referring to jury trials.

    The Daily Record are well aware of that, otherwise this would never have seen the light of day.

    Note to Investigators….this may be all you get…and all the public will ever learn…so make the most of it. Do not help the establishment cover up such matters under manufactured legal excuses.

  2. Ahhh.. now I get it. The RSPB have a hit squad who go around trapping and poisoning raptors and leaving them on shooting estates to make the public think that they are endangered and that’s why grouse moors are devoid of raptors. Suddenly it all makes sense!

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