Scottish and Irish Governments to Work Together on Raptor Persecution.

The Scottish and Irish governments are to work together to tackle the problem of raptor poisoning.

The Scottish Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham has written to her Irish counterpart asking for a meeting to discuss the “unacceptable problem” and the possibility of joint initiatives.

Both countries have seen a sharp rise in poisoning incidents in recent months some of which have been widely publicised. Figures released in March showed the number of birds of prey being killed with poison in Scotland had increased, with a total of 22 poisonings recorded in 2009. In May, 10 protected birds of prey were confirmed poisoned across the Irish Republic over a period of a few weeks.

Ms Cunningham said: “Both countries are committed to a healthier future for golden eagles. “Sadly, poisoning is still being reported but both governments find this behaviour unacceptable. I believe that collaboration could help us in the fight to stop this damage to our biodiversity and to our international reputations.”

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One thought on “Scottish and Irish Governments to Work Together on Raptor Persecution.”

  1. Of course their is a huge difference between the Irish Eagle Poisoning problem and the Scottish one…

    In Scotland as has been shown again and again and again in RSPB, SNH and UK government reports the problem lies with shooting estates = gamekeepers.

    In Donegal, where the eagles have been killed recently there are no driven grouse shoots and its sheep farmers who are responsible.

    and Im well aware that we have had quite recent eagle poisonings in Scotland at Mallaig and Ardfern – where it was very obvious that sheep farmers were responsible but these are now the exception to the rule – whole home ranges have been wiped out or held back on grouse moors in Scotland from Sutherland to the Borders.

    So what this initiative will achieve I dont know ..unless Roseanna uses it as it to tell the Irish how we got Hebridean crofters to stop the killing by including them in sea eagle schemes where local communities are making money from the birds, taking the sting out of any lamb losses [which are tiny anyway]. Tourism is the answer in the West….banning driven grouse shooting is the answer in the south and east [of Scotland].

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