Police raid at Moy Estate, Inverness after raptors found dead

Police raid at Moy Estate

Police have conducted a raid on the Moy Estate, near Inverness, following the recent discovery of poisoned bait and dead raptors. The RSPB has been undertaking surveillance for several weeks at the estate after a dead grouse was found to have been used as a poisoned bait. This culminated in today’s police raid, where evidence (believed to include dead birds) has been removed for further investigation and toxicology tests. No arrests have been made as yet.

Moy Estate owner Celia Mackintosh

The 25,000 acre Moy Estate is a well-known grouse-shooting estate, and, rather embarrassingly, was one of the signatories of the recent letter to the government from numerous sporting estates who claimed to condemn raptor poisoning. Two people from Moy Estate signed the letter – Victor Beamish is the 19th signatory, and Estate owner Celia Mackintosh is the 143rd signatory. Click here to view that letter:  SRPBA LETTER MAY 2010

Yet another instance demonstrating the worthlessness of that letter. Well done Moy Estate, you have earned a place in our Named Estates directory. I can’t wait to hear what the SRPBA, SEBG and SGA have to say about this. I expect that Moy Estate will be expelled from all three groups, and that all three groups will also boycott the forthcoming Moy Field Sports Fair, being held on Moy Estate on 6th & 7th August 2010. You don’t think so? No, me neither, but if these three organisations wish to be taken seriously, they will stick to their previous promises and demonstrate their ‘condemnation’ of the illegal raptor persecution activities apparently uncovered at Moy Estate.

Full news story about the police raid: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/highlands_and_islands/10224789.stm

And here: http://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.aspx/1767321?UserKey=

UPDATE: A quote from SRPBA Chief Executive Douglas McAdam about this incident, “We do not yet know the full facts of this case. We are appalled none the less at what appears to be yet further illegal persecution against Scotland’s wildlife, but we do need to await the outcome of the legal process to determine where guilt lies“. http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/scotland/Children-tracking–red-kite.6340484.jp

Douglas, I don’t think you need to be Inspector Clouseau to work this one out!

8 thoughts on “Police raid at Moy Estate, Inverness after raptors found dead”

    1. Its interesting when looking at the news articles on this post how they refer to a lot of incidents that are actually completely unrelated to the investigation at moy. For example the 20 year old kite dying and the other dead birds of prey that were found in a completely different location miles away from the estate. Its worth being careful how you judge a place based on what you read, because its not all black and white.

      Also most of the land on the moy estate is rented out and effectively controlled by other parties mostly for use as farm land and game keeping. It would be very unfair to find the owner responsible for their actions and also I believe that the owner of the estate would completely condemn any bird poisoning or cruelty to birds or animals in anyway.

      Either way, the truth will come out in the end and hopefully those responsible will be dealt with in the appropriate manner, but it would not be beyond the realms of possibility that someone from outside the estate has actually done this.

  1. Been reading this forum for a while. The endless sickening raptor persecution is depressing. Had to sign up to add my support against this criminal activity.

    Somewhat concerned that the Glw Herald has misreported Moy as not being a Signatory to the letter.
    Just had a look at the letter and the name Victor Beamish of Moy is clearly there.

    Will some one take the GH to task on this?

    I’ll be seeking to make an email complaint about their mistake.
    I am sure it will be no more than a mistake, but it is a very careless one.

    1. Who is Victor Beamish though? he is not the owner of the estate. Perhaps he is the solicitor as a search on his name showed a link to CKD Galbraith.

      1. Hi Boiled Egg,

        If he is just the solicitor then why is he signing a letter to the government condemning raptor poisoning and giving his address as Moy Estate? If you believe the SRPBA, the letter was signed by landowners, not their legal agents.

  2. Evidence then that the letter from SRPBA members to the Environment Minister was just hollow words. Do they think we can’t see through their little PR stunt?

    It looks like 2010 will be another depressing year for the raptors. Unless of course, our fabulous Scottish government can stop the rot. Unlikely though, given their track record. They will no doubt continue to tell us that they are determined to stamp out raptor persecution, but will the death statistics reflect this?

  3. No mention of the fact that Scottish SPCA were heavily involved supplying manpower and vehicles…in fact they have been by far the most successful organisation at fighting wildlife crime in recent years – putting the police to shame….the coverage of this successful day out for the police and others shows what can be achieved when all parties work together – unfortunately Police, Crown Office and Scottish Government seem hell bent on trying to squeeze out RSPB and SSPCA [the real experts]….makes you wonder why doesnt it…?

    They also dont like blogs like this…

    and a Big Hello to all from PAWCS who may be reading this…you know who you are!

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