red kite blasted with shotgun finally released

In December 2009, a walker found an injured red kite in Braco, Perthshire. X-rays revealed it had been blasted with a shotgun, five times,  from close range. The kite’s injuries were horrific and it was feared the bird would not survive (see the post on this blog from 3 March 2010). No arrests were made.

The kite ready for release

Six months later, after extensive treatment and care provided by the SSPCA, the rehabilitated kite was released back to the wild yesterday. Congratulations to all involved with this bird’s recovery.

News story:

2 thoughts on “red kite blasted with shotgun finally released”

  1. Great to see the bird being returned to the wild…and well done all involved..

    At the risk of sounding pedantic….five shotgun pellets in the bird doesnt mean its been shot 5 times…its most likely to have been shot, at reasonably close range by one shotgun cartridge containing 5 pellets. No less horrific…and a clear indication that the shooter knew exactly what he was shooting.

    Hopefully youll see that…and all my other comments…as an attempt to keep things as accurate as possible. That way you get taken seriously…as you deserve to be after all your hard work.

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