Raptor Persecution UK blog is 13 years old

Today this blog reaches its 13th year anniversary.

Who would have guessed, thirteen years ago, that I’d still be writing it? I’m sure, in fact I know, there are plenty who wish I wasn’t, but their ongoing attempts to intimidate and harass simply strengthen my resolve to continue with it.

The blog is approaching nine million views:

As ever, huge thanks to those who help fund my time, those who work with me behind the scenes (you know who you are), to those who send me information, to those who take the time to comment here, and especially to those who share blog posts on social media channels – raising awareness of the illegal killing of birds of prey was the main driver behind setting up this blog and it continues to be one of its main objectives.

Thanks for your continued support.

35 thoughts on “Raptor Persecution UK blog is 13 years old”

    1. Hi Ray ive been a keen raptor lover for some 70 years id like to help and get involved.
      I play golf and last year managed to keep my eye over the bteadi g period and beyond on a family of red kites that live on the mile and our beautiful wolds escarpment golf course.
      The male spent all the winter on the mile.
      We are surrounded by shoots lord Halifaxs estate at water is 1.5 miles away
      And a smaller shot to the north is on our door step
      So have been monitoring the male all winter. This male is a one off morph being much larger than the female. Last week the female came back with one of the two reared chicks from last year I m certain another female
      And on a sunny morning were dancing and air passing each other.
      Our bird we call the KP kite.
      Because our golf club is the KP golf resort.
      Last breeding season the kp male took young crows
      From the crows nests when they had gone cleared most of the coot and moorhen young on the golf ponds. Before killing rabbits on the periferies. Im keeping a keen eye on this magnificent raptor during the breeding season and he knows where it is safe.
      A truely one off.
      Keith Ord

      1. So what is your point? Raptors Killing prey is natural. People with shotguns and poison killing Raptors isn’t.

        1. Why the question? It reads to me as a personal message of enthusiasm for a family of Red Kites. I don’t believe there was any claim about any of it being unnatural.

  1. Congratulations , my osprey group has a ‘Raptor Persecution’ file and we are proud to have posted all your blogs since 2014 , well done to all of you involved . I wish so wish Ruth in the nicest possible way that your blogs will cease one day and there will be peace for all raptors and they will fly free .

  2. Please don’t stop doing what you do. It is absolutely essential and much appreciated. Most of society is ‘awakening ‘ to the fact that we can no longer tolerate cruel and sadistic behaviour towards birds and wildlife, animals, etc. It’s not a matter of if, but rather when, these horrible individuals will become history. Thanks πŸ‘

  3. Looking forward to the day when you can retire the blog, Ruth, because there really is ‘nothing to see here’.

  4. Well done, good wishes and a huge thankyou for your tenaciousness and level-headed blogging, in the face of the idealogical blindness and harrassment. The readership numbers say it all.

  5. An extra ordinary wildlife warrior, I am constantly in awe of your skill, perseverance and determination. A medal should be struck!

  6. An extremely informative and well written blog Ruth.
    It would be marvellous if you didn’t have to write it, however with raptor crime showing no sign of diminshing please do not stop.
    We need you and the information that you provide.
    Thank you.

  7. I wish you the strength of mind to continue the fight against raptor persecution. Thanks for all you do.

  8. You are a brilliant advocate for every single one of us who despise the killers and the killing. You arm us with the info we need to spread the message.
    While persecution persists, I hope the net is tightening on these dreadful people.
    Power to your elbow and I hope one day you can blog about all the positive raptor stories

  9. I don’t know how you keep your cool over all these years of barbarism; you are absolutely amazing for keeping up the fight for our magnificent raptors! Congratulations!

  10. Huge respect for staying true to your calling and triumphing over intimidation and appalling bullying. Huge congratulations, Ruth.

  11. I have been following you ever since you started as RP Scotland (I think)
    Please ignore the intimidation, misogyny and harrassment and keep going – your dedication, perception and incisive analysis are greatly appreciated!!

  12. Thank you for everything you and your supporters do to expose the atrocities against raptors. RPUK is the most incredible and influential resource.

  13. Just want to add my thanks. I have learned so much from reading your blog and the well informed comments from some of the regular commentators. Whilst I am sure at times you must feel exasperated at the continual reports of wildlife crime and raptor persecution, I would suggest that your work has been immensely valuable in exposing just what is taking place, which I am sure is now having a positive influence on the issue. You are a voice to all the raptors and other wildlife who without your dedication would have no voice.

  14. It was stomach turning to read again the blog giving some of the abuse you have had thrown at you by too many of the bird-killers-for-fun crowd. (And to think: they’re allowed to own guns! God help us!) Keep up the great work.

  15. 13 years of Blood Sweat & tears, 13 years of Honest truthful insight into the whole spectrum of Raptor Persicution – you have been the bench mark and above for the whole of the UK in covering these hideous crimes, & also with many of the commentors too adding a great insight as back up allong the way. Thank you all, for the relentless work which is proper valued work.

  16. It would be nice to think that you won’t be writing this in 13 years time. In view of the sick and twisted individuals in the UK I fear that you will still be campaigning for some years yet.

  17. Congratulations and please keep up the good work. As I’ve said previously, this is the definitive site against the fight of all wildlife persecution.

  18. Ruth what you do is utterly remarkable thank you. Its been a true eye-opening education for me seeing how the world really works when it comes to gamekeepers and offending organisations and their illegal ways. Raptor Persecution, Hunt Sabs and PETA are the 3 best organisations for action as far as Im concerned.

  19. It is a great pity that there is still a need for a blog about raptor persecution but sadly there is as it remains a serious problem. Thank you for your dogged determination and courage in keeping it going this long. It’s a long haul but you are making a difference, I am sure. I look forward to the day when this blog becomes redundant but in the meantime keep up the good work!

  20. I can only admire your perseverance and tenacity. Thank you for all you do to promote and encourage a better future for raptors. As you have reached 13 you can start to behave like a stroppy teenager.

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