Crowdfunder launched to increase reward for information on five shot goshawks found in Suffolk

Further to the news that the RSPB and Wild Justice have put up a £10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person who shot five young goshawks and dumped their bodies at the edge of The King’s Wood in Suffolk on Monday (see here), the bird news service Rare Bird Alert has launched a crowdfunder to increase the reward.

Here’s the wording of the crowdfunder, that went live earlier this morning:

On Monday 16th January 2023 officers from Suffolk Constabulary discovered the bodies of five dead Goshawks in Kings Forest, Suffolk.

Police have revealed that x-ray examination has shown all five birds had been shot. Further investigations are on-going.

A reward of £10,000 has been offered by the RSPB and Wild Justice for information leading to a conviction in connection with the birds.

Rare Bird Alert is setting up this appeal to increase that reward. If the reward is not paid out after a determinate period of time then it will be donated to the RSPB Investigations team for their continuing fight against raptor persecution.

We will not be silenced by those who kill birds of prey.


Rare Bird Alert launched a similar fundraising appeal in 2015 after a rare Red-footed falcon was shot in Cambridgeshire (here), and that appeal raised over £2,700. It is hoped that this latest fundraiser provides the birding community with a constructive outlet for its anger at yet another appalling case of raptor persecution.

If you’d like to contribute, the crowdfunder page can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Crowdfunder launched to increase reward for information on five shot goshawks found in Suffolk”

  1. Looking forward to significant contributions from the pro-shooting organisations. I hear they’re very much against raptor persecution.

    1. I think it would make strategic sense for them to do so. Why would they not do it? I mean if helping stump up a reward brings out some information that points the finger at persons unconnected with the shooting industry, then that is good for them. Conversely, if the information that the reward brings out implicates a keeper / estate then they can at least say “look, we helped ferret out this bad apple because like you we care about these things”. I’ve chipped in to the crowdfunder myself, but the whole thing totally perplexes me.

  2. The perpetrator of this crime may as well put his hand up and claim the reward and then pay the pathetic fine and slap on the wrist out of the reward money as I’m in no doubt if someone is convicted they won’t receive anywhere near the appropriate punishment! Prison sentences are the only deterrent, let’s see how these countryside loving outdoor folk deal with a stretch inside a prison!!!

  3. This is all good stuff but it needs promoting amongst the land owning and shooting groups. Do any readers know of any land business partnerships in the area?

    Readers may recall that in 2019 The North Pennines AONB Partnership did a poster campaign in the areas near Steel and Blanchland where two raptors had been found killed. They repeatedly put up posters on community notice boards despite efforts by some to repeatedly take them down. Hopefully a local person can arrange for posters promoting these rewards to be put up on local notice boards and for a partnership group to inform its members of the rewards?

  4. Just sent links to this story to the Suffolk News and East Anglia times to ensure the reward gets the maximum publicity

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