Rare red-footed falcon shot dead – police appeal

A young male red-footed falcon, a rare visitor to the UK, has been found shot dead in Cambridgeshire.

The bird’s carcass was discovered near Whittlesey, Cambs, in September. A post mortem has confirmed shooting as the cause of death.

The RSPB is offering a £1,000 reward for information.

RSPB press release here

red-footed-falcon_shot Sept 2015

7 thoughts on “Rare red-footed falcon shot dead – police appeal”

  1. What is wrong with these sick morons that have to shoot anything that flies (or moves). A rare visitor to our country will now be even rarer thanks to this imbecile.

  2. Why has it taken so long for this to be publicised?
    Shooters read the bird blogs and it was probably a bet to see who could down this rare bird.

  3. Shameful, this bird would have shown no fear of whoever shot it, it had been fed locusts thrown to it by photographers while it was in the Staffordshire area. it had lost its fear of man.
    Again as Elizabeth pointed out why wait so long to publicise this, this should have been publicised on day one, you don’t always need an autopsy to tell that a bird has been shot! some simple questions like who owns the land it was shot on who is allowed to shoot on it and who else might have been shooting in the area would all have a better chance of being answered either on day one or the day after if publicised.
    Once again a clear message that proves our gun control laws are clearly not working.

  4. When I heard of this my first thought was of the little bustard that got shot in Norfolk earlier this year, found next to a main road. The suspicion crossed my mind that someone in the field sports sector had done this deliberately to piss of bird watchers and more generally conservationists (I can’t have been the only person to gave thought this). Then I thought this was unlikely in this case as the RFF would not have had the profile the little bustard had. Well seems that it did and this was not a case of opportunistic raptor persecution after all. What are the chances that it wasn’t specifically targeted to give two fingers to those who aren’t big fans of what shooting is doing to our wildlife?

  5. Boost to your friends about what you did,if you’ve got any, cause what kind of human being would want to friends
    with a spineless,faceless rat like you.Oh aye other spineless,faceless rats.Hope your right proud of yourselves.
    If you are why not identify yourselves ? Come on what are you scared of ?

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