March for the Foxes, in Edinburgh today

REVIVE coalition partners OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports are joining forces with Scottish Badgers today for a demonstration at the Scottish Parliament, calling for a ban on snares and a real ban on foxhunting.

OneKind had planned to host a demonstration against snaring in September (here) but the event was postponed after the death of the Queen. Now they’ve joined forces with the League Against Cruel Sports & Scottish Badgers, to send a strong message to the Scottish Government that the public supports a ban on snaring and also a real ban on fox hunting.

The groups will gather at St Giles Cathedral, Royal Mile (EH1 1RE) at 12 noon to march down the Royal Mile to the Scottish Parliament building where a number of speakers will address the crowd, finishing at 2pm.

Full details available here

Thousands of snares are deployed on game-shooting estates every year, which maim and kill animals in order to protect stocks of red grouse, pheasants and partridge for ‘sport’ shooting. It’s currently legal to snare some species (e.g. foxes), despite the inhumane method, but as snares are indiscriminate up to 80% of species caught are non-target species, according to DEFRA figures, and these species include badgers, otters, deer and pet cats and dogs. This shocking report from the REVIVE coalition for grouse moor reform provides more detail.

This demonstration is timed to coincide with the Scottish Government’s current review of snaring legislation and OneKind’s CEO Bob Elliot has written an excellent account of why a ban is needed and how this demo could help achieve that aim (see here).

4 thoughts on “March for the Foxes, in Edinburgh today”

  1. The various elements of these orannisations in a public displayt is to be highly recommended. Not only does the visible presence of such movements help increase support but friendships and informal networks can be launched and the exchange of information facilitated.
    Well done all involved.

  2. I so wish I could attend but , sadly , I cannot . I was on the first one which was brilliant . I wore my Mr Carbo T shirt and had painted a large image of ” Reynard “. It was really bizarre walking almost the length of the Royal Mile with a drumming band leading the way and someone dresses as a fox shimmying down the road ! Tourists were taking photos of us all . Goodness knows what they were thinking ! I hope it goes well today . I will be with you in spirit .

  3. Thank heavens such decent and humane people have resolutely made a march against disgusting and cruel blood sports. Having spent many years demonstrating, petitioning, fund-raising and letter writing for animal welfare, conservation of the environment, and human rights, I can say that I met the very finest of people, imbued with courage and determination to take on the monster that has lurked within humanity. That monster is the one of denying any animal and vulnerable human a right to exist without persecution. Throughout the world, creatures are pursued for sport or trophies; harvested to almost extinction point; experimented on; farmed in vile conditions, snared, caged and ad nauseam. Several decades ago, I, dressed as a Great Ape, helped lead hundreds of animal rights activists, with a pipe band, to Grey Friar’s Bobby statue. Wonderful to find stalwarts exist to make sure the Scottish Government and judicial system are going to finally strengthen the law against blood sports, and stop meekly allowing those who have had too much power over what can live and die on our natural landscapes. If the impetus can be kept up, and resources made available, then the humane side of our population will at last be in control.

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