Botham’s day of grouse shooting halted by Hunt saboteurs

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has once again turned its attention to driven grouse shoots and since the season opened on Friday, it has successfully halted three grouse shoots in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Peak District National Park.

[Photo by Hunt Saboteurs Association]

Ian Botham is reported to be one of those affected after a grouse shoot in the Peak District was targeted. The HSA has posted this image which it says is Botham driving off the moor:

Blogs about these latest sabbing events can be read on the HSA website here and here.

It looks like the HSA is set to continue its activities throughout the grouse-shooting season. A quote from an HSA spokesperson reads:

On the day that drought was declared across the country, grouse shooters have taken to tinder-dry moorland to blast away at our wildlife. What are they thinking? Every year, these selfish, entitled people kill hundreds of thousands of birds, burn precious upland areas and litter the landscape with traps and snares. Our message to grouse shooters is a simple one: expect us’.

21 thoughts on “Botham’s day of grouse shooting halted by Hunt saboteurs”

  1. Sir Beefy, out for a Duck. Lead Blasting XXXXXXX. Well done GUY’s, [the Gorilla ] behind you all the way.
    Grouse shooting as they say “It’s not cricket”

  2. What can I say? It’s a pity this didn’t catch on years ago. We would be in a very different place today if it had, I venture

  3. Well done the Hunt Sabs, it’s been a while since I smiled having read one of these blogs. The thought of Botham having to abort one of his ‘sports days’ cheered me up. I wonder how he will blame the RSPB for this, although no doubt he will try and make a link somewhere. But, given the environmental situation at the time, what arrogance, ignorance, thoughtlessness and stupidity these shooters have and for what? These bastards are locked in a time warp. From the HSA’s own blog posts, the actions of the Police were interesting and at least some of them had the good sense to control the behaviour of one of their own.

  4. This is great news. These shooters get away with murderous activity almost unhindered in our uplands. Finally wildlife has allies on site fighting to save their lives!

  5. nice to read a post on here that makes me smile, not a criticism but would not of known about this if I hadn’t read RPUK blog, coverage of the un glorious twelfth has been somewhat muted this year it seems

  6. Great to see that a day of shooting has been stopped by people who have many of us on their side. Much better than ‘talking’ about the problem and expecting it to go away. I am smiling for once.

  7. Massive thank you to the HSA for being the front line & defending the nature on & of the uplands. Take care all.

  8. Interesting that not one of the sabs has the balls to show his or her face. I have protested about many things on many occasions but always unmasked. What have they got to hide?

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