Multi-agency raid in relation to captive raptors in Merseyside

The following statement was published on social media on Friday (15th July) by Cheshire Police Rural Crime Team:


Today, PCSO Graham and I assisted with a search warrant led by Merseyside Police in relation to possible offences under the Wildlife & Countryside Act. The activity focused on crime associated with the keeping of birds of prey and owls, with possible links to Cheshire.

We were joined by our colleagues from North Wales Police Rural Crime Team and the National Wildlife Crime Unit. We also had assistance from the RSPCA and RSPB, who provided expertise around welfare and conditions of birds of prey at the location concerned.

A number of items were seized during the warrant including a bird of prey which has been taken in to care by the RSPCA.

The investigation is currently ongoing between Merseyside Police and the National Wildlife Crime Unit.

PC Tether, St Helens Police.


2 thoughts on “Multi-agency raid in relation to captive raptors in Merseyside”

  1. EXCELLENT!! More please! And make the ensuing fines/sanctions worthwhile. Otherwise, what’s the point? But thanks to all agencies involved.
    P Mc Phail

    1. If wildlife crimes have been committed, then yes, appropriate sanctions need to be imposed. But we need to wait and see whether the ongoing investigation uncovers any evidence of criminality. The police statement was carefully worded – it’s clear there was sufficient evidence to obtain a search warrant, which means the police had grounds for reasonable suspicion that wildlife crimes might have taken place, but so far there’s no statement about anyone being charged for alleged offences.

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