More questions asked about Dorset Police’s mishandling of the poisoned eagle investigation

If Dorset Police think this issue is going away, they’d better have a re-think.

There’s a good article in The Guardian today, discussing the rebranding of Dorset Police’s Wildlife Crime Team, which now excludes the word ‘wildlife’, and the news that the team’s former, award-winning investigator, Claire Dinsdale, has apparently been told that she will no longer be a wildlife crime team lead when/if she returns from long-term sick leave.

You can read the Guardian article here.

11 thoughts on “More questions asked about Dorset Police’s mishandling of the poisoned eagle investigation”

  1. Just an observation, as I haven’t seen this mentioned in any of the discussion. Until last year, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset was an ex-senior detective who stood on a ‘keep politics out of policing’ platform. He retired at the last election and was replaced by a new PCC who was a political candidate (Conservative)

    1. This was the entire point of removing police supervisory boards from local councils and placing it into the hands of a single elected politician: corruption is so much easier when a single politician is in charge and the senior police officers have to keep them happy. When the local MPs are from the same party the entire judicial command is corrupted. We have the same problem in Wiltshire: corruption is endemic in the police, the judiciary and local politics.

      1. ‘Ding’! With the introduction of these PCC’s Government now has control of the Police where a Tory PCC is in place. This was the whole idea in the first place.. Perhaps Joe Public will think next time before he places his ‘X’ in the box. Some hope!

  2. Keep up the pressure on Dorset Police. This case has a bad smell about it. Hopefully the FOIs will show what they are really up to. This reorganisation and renaming exercise does not appear to be coincidence, nor sadly does the long term sick leave for PC Dinsdale. Aren’t all Police Forces expected to deliver certain national priorities one of which is Wildlife crime? Can a pro anti-raptor persecution MP ask a question in the House of Commons too?
    If PC Dinsdale can’t return to her former role, can the RSPB or RSPCA offer her some thing? This lady is clearly very capable. The sooner MP are not allowed to received donations or other gifts, or do paid work (except NHS and Armed Forces) the better it will be for politics in the UK.

  3. Hopefully more can be unearthed by the rspb on this case!
    Chris Loder is ‘not fit for purpose’ as an MP…and clearly has his fingers in a number of other pies!
    Hopefully PC Dindale will be given an opportunity to do what she is clearly passionate in….even if it’s outside the force! We certainly need more people like her around!!

  4. Surely PC Dinsdale knows the truth of what went on.
    I know from previous experience as a police officer the pressure that can be applied but if you have the truth behind you, there is nothing to be afraid of. Just stand firm!
    I hate the fact our police service is being corrupted by politics.

  5. The whole of the British justice rests on the tripartite system, with parliament passing democratic laws, the police independently enforcing the law and investigating breaches, and the courts judging on whether someone has broken the laws and imposing sanctions.
    For the system to work, and to be seen as fair and just, there has to be separation of these three parts, with absolutely no political interference.
    The suspicion is that this hasn’t happened in the case of the poisoned white tailed eagle in Dorset.
    What a terrible situation we find ourselves in, when leading wildlife campaigners are having to submit FOI requests to Dorset police to try and uncover if any malpractice has taken place; and when national newspapers write stories regarding the concerns that vested interests may be influencing the police to not focus on properly investigating wildlife crimes, especially when there is a suspicion that those vested interests may be implicated in the wildlife crimes which have occurred.
    No wonder Ruth is closely following this matter, as what is at stake is far greater than the death of a white tailed eagle, but whether there is corruption and malpractice operating under the surface of the justice system to ensure that those with wealth, power and influence can avoid justice when it comes to wildlife crimes and the illegal persecution of raptors.
    I really hope the truth is fully exposed, and if there has been malpractice, those responsible are fully held accountable.
    I want to live in a democracy, where all are equal before the law, and where the laws are properly upheld and criminals are brought to justice.

    1. …well written John….let’s just hope the truth is fully exposed ….and those involved in any prevention in the course of justice….are dealt with too!

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