Buzzard shot dead in Fife: Police Scotland appeal for information

Press statement from Police Scotland (21st April 2022)

[Photo by Jerome Murray]

Appeal for information after buzzard is shot in Fife

Officers are appealing for information after a protected bird of prey was found shot in woodland at Mominail, near Ladybank, Fife.

The dead buzzard was found by a member of the public in the morning of Sunday, 9 April, 2022.

Wildlife crime liaison officer, Detective Constable Ben Pacholek, said: “It is sad and disappointed to find this dead bird which would have suffered a lingering and agonising death after being deliberately shot.

Buzzards are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and I am appealing to anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in the wooded area to get in touch.

We reply on the public to help us tackle wildlife crime and I urge anyone in the local and wider community to come forward if they have any information about who may have been responsible.

If you can assist with our enquiries then please call us on 101, quoting incident number 2689 of Sunday, 9 April, 2022.

Police Scotland encourages anyone without [sic!] information about wildlife to report it. This can be done via 101 and always call 999 if it is an emergency.


UPDATE 27th May 2022: Police Scotland changes its mind about ‘deliberately shot’ buzzard in Fife (here)

6 thoughts on “Buzzard shot dead in Fife: Police Scotland appeal for information”

  1. Its high time buzzard shooting stopped, its already tarnished the cuntry sports industry beyond survival, every time theres another killing it turns more people against us, please please end killing of protected birds now, thankyou

  2. If any further information was given to the police no action would be taken anyway!!! The police and the government are all up the arses of the game shooters and most of them probably shoot on these estates anyway so to hope for any positive action is just to fight a losing battle!

  3. The performance of the Sc. Gov is structured around sleight of hand.
    Policies, legislation, chutzpah etc. are presented as being a solution to the criminality that plagues this country, but in reality they preserve the status quo and provide protection for the rotten elements of society. So far the SG has been unable to conceal all the evidence of illegal wildlife killing, but by supporting a so called criminal justice system that has an abysmal success record it has achieved a close second place. As wildlife crime figures continue to escalate the government will scavenge for stratagems to facilitate concealment of crime that they are not willing to stop.
    The SG has had abundant time to address the deplorable and perpetual situation that exists. The SG is plainly part of the problem.

  4. Are you aware that it’s actually 2 birds that have been shot on same day in close proximity. I don’t have the details but police are aware

  5. Also, minor correction Monimail, not Mominail… Thanks for all the work you do to highlight the issue nationally.

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