Firebomb at Chris Packham’s house – new evidence to be revealed on Crimewatch

In October last year, a stolen Land Rover was packed with fuel cannisters, driven to the front gates of Chris Packham’s house just after midnight and set alight. The vehicle exploded and the subsequent inferno caused considerable damage to Chris’s property (see here). Two masked individuals were caught on security cameras and were seen to escape in a second vehicle.

Hampshire Constabulary has been investigating this arson attack and in December 2021 an appeal was issued asking the public to help identify an individual caught on CCTV at a petrol station:

The police investigation is ongoing and on Wednesday 16th March, Chris will join Detective Inspector Howard Broadribb on the BBC’s Crimewatch programme at 10am as new evidence is revealed.

I’ll add a link here for those who want to watch it later on BBC iPlayer. [Ed: click here]

If anyone has any information about this criminal attack please call Hampshire Constabulary on 101 and quote incident reference number 44210403698.

UPDATE 16th March 2022: Police describe arson attack at Chris Packham’s home as ‘absolutely terrifying’ & appeal for information (here)

3 thoughts on “Firebomb at Chris Packham’s house – new evidence to be revealed on Crimewatch”

  1. I watched it live (without knowing it was going to be broadcast) and the thing which stood out to me was just how much planning, and expense, had gone into this attack before hand.

    Highly experienced criminals, I fear.

  2. In the photo of the Shogun the driver appears to have his hand up to his ear as though he is holding a phone. If that’s the case, could the police try to identify phones that were being used in that area at the time the photo was taken?

    1. Considering the planning, the expense and the coolness of the arsonist in this attack, a pair of ‘bunsens’ will have been used. This was not an amateur effort. The Police will have exhausted every avenue…

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