Raptor Persecution UK blog is 12 years old

Today this blog reached its 12th year anniversary.

I didn’t imagine I’d still be writing it after all this time, but the blog stats show it’s still relevant and of interest, recently passing 8 million blog views.

As ever, huge thanks to those who help fund my time, those who work with me behind the scenes (you know who you are), to those who send me information, to those who take the time to comment here, and especially to those who share blog posts on social media channels – raising awareness of the illegal killing of birds of prey was the main driver behind setting up this blog and it continues to be one of its main objectives.

Thanks for your support.

28 thoughts on “Raptor Persecution UK blog is 12 years old”

  1. I am in awe of your commitment Ruth and friends. Unfortunately you are still very much needed – keep going!

  2. Happy anniversary and many thanks for all you have done. Frustrating there is still such a strong need for the blog, but I do think there is progress overall, especially in terms of improved public awareness.

  3. Thanks for coming into existence, and acting as a force to enable compassionate and concerned members of UK society, who have benefited from having a pertinent forum from which to be accurately informed about the serious matter of the cynical and cruel slaughter of Birds of Prey. You have also extended your ability to gather information on the persecution of other forms of wildlife, which have suffered the collateral damage of existing on areas where game birds are shot for recreation. The Mountain Hare’s gross culling due to shooting estates’ spurious reason that they harbour insect parasites, that may leap upon Grouse. That issue disgusted many countryside visitors, who were glad to see such animals being tamely encountered on hill walks, as I was as a youth, escaping Glasgow for a day out.

    Through your excellent exposure of what was vilely going on in the upland areas of Scotland, and further south in England and Wales, the rising number of people concerned about biodiversity, species extinction and animal welfare, had found the evidence necessary to insist that our politicians, police and judiciary address the deliberate flaunting of the laws hard fought for, and to enforce them. What has been exposed is a “cosy” relationship that has perpetuated a terror against wildlife for centuries, with those involved painting their behaviour as justifiable removal of “vermin”, and being employment creators for the rural economy. Raptor Persecution has given a clear picture of what is really going on, and how weakly law and order in the countryside has been conducted, with regard to the methods some estates may insist that their gamekeepers use to reduce supposed predation on their game birds. It has now been proven that alternative uses of our upland areas are possible to create more meaningful and humane employment, and to assist the UK contribute to the amelioration of climate change. One of our main problems is to get public opinion to remove the duffers in the respective political parties who are holding back such change, or acting as lobbyists for individuals, companies or regressive groups, that are holding back the saving of life forms facing extinction world wide and HERE, as we have a most important part to play in that struggle. Stay the course, and further enthuse and arm us to fight our cruel and over-influential opponents.

  4. Thanks Ruth for all that you do for our beloved and beleaguered raptors. What would we do without you.

  5. Well Done Ruth, Her Team and all involved who have stayed the course over 12 years of hard work and many false dawns. We WILL, hiowever, get there!!

  6. You have made and continue to make a huge difference. In addition, I really appreciate your tenacious style and commitment. – well done and keep going please.

  7. What you do is massively significant. No other source spreads the word like you do. Many, many thanks.

  8. You have, are and will make a difference. The signs are there that we are slowly winning. But yes, sharing your site is the most important thing any of us can do. The public must be made aware of the depths that the landed few will go to to eradicate our wildlife. Oh to turn 8million views into 8 million separate, aware people.
    Thank you Ruth.

  9. Happy Birthday! And many thanks for bringing accurate, honest info to us that we can trust. Hopefully one day you can retire but, sadly, it may be a long way off yet.

  10. Well done RPUK, please going with your amazing work. It would be lovely if you didn’t have to do it, and I would love to see an end to the end of crime towards birds of prey, but I can’t see an end to the need for your work for quite a while…

  11. Your resilience and fortitude has kept me optimisitic, Ruth, that we will see a time when the industry killing our magnificent raptors is independently and robustly regulated.
    That we will see a time when its members are held justly accountable for their atrocities .
    That we will see a time when the statutory bodies tasked with raptor protection are no longer complicit in their persecution.

  12. Congratulations, Happy Birthday and seriously massive THANK YOU for all you and your team do to shine a light in murky corners. Sad that it’s needed but your passion, commitment and amazing tenacity has achieved so much, and public awareness increases daily despite the chaos that surrounds our lives at the moment. Critical mass is building, the momentum gains pace and wildlife criminals days are numbered.

    Take care and stay safe.

  13. Without your hard work and persistence the facts and truth would remain hidden in a ‘stink pit’ of persecution lies ! keep with it, the science will win Congratulations.

  14. Well done Ruth-congratulations to you and your colleagues on producing a wonderful and informative blog which is widely read and hugely appreciated. It is distressing to see the “work” of wildlife criminals, who persecute our Birds of Prey and also our Mammals and other species groups-but by drawing attention to this appalling criminality which is widespread in our countryside, especially where “shooting interests” exist, the RPUK blog has completely lifted the lid on this disgraceful situation which blights our countryside -the idyll myth has been dispelled and it is clear that parts of our countryside is a site of organised criminal activity. You have also shown that many Parliamentarians(well there’s a surprise!) and of equal or more concern in my view, the Police and Judiciary either haven’t got the stomach to tackle this “cancer” on our landscape or are too close to certain landowners who may be involved in this activity-although I do appreciate that there are many good police officers who would like to do more but they are under resourced

    It is obvious that most of the public love Birds of Prey and wan’t them here-the RPUK blog as well as exposing wrongdoing, helps to enlighten and educate people who are not aware of these crimes-well done to RPUK

  15. Happy Birthday. Many thanks Ruth for your accuracy, tenacity and sheer doggedness. Through your efforts many more people are aware of the scourge that is raptor persecution. Looking forward to next year when you become a stroppy teenager.

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