Wild Justice secures funds for legal challenge of Northern Ireland’s general licences

Last week conservation campaign group Wild Justice launched a crowdfunder appeal to raise funds for a legal challenge against what the group says are unscientific and unlawful General Licences in Northern Ireland (see here).

Yesterday evening the crowdfunder reached its target of £45,000 – thank you to the blog readers who supported this appeal.

Wild Justice has sent what’s called a Pre-action Protocol (PaP) letter to the Northern Ireland Executive’s Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA), which is responsible for issuing General Licences.

The PaP letter is a formal legal document explaining the six grounds on which Wild Justice is challenging the General Licences and it also documents all the earlier correspondence between Wild Justice and DAERA about these unlawful licences.

A copy of the PaP letter can be read here.

DAERA is required to respond to the PaP letter by 11 November 2021.

For more updates on this case and other Wild Justice activities, you may like to join 50,000 others and sign up for the group’s free e-newsletter HERE

2 thoughts on “Wild Justice secures funds for legal challenge of Northern Ireland’s general licences”

  1. Well done to those who supported this appeal. Many congratulations.
    This will go to a very good cause to help Wild Justice in raising their legal challenge. Which I hope will be equally successful.

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