Vague appeal for info from Northumberland Police as another hen harrier vanishes

Northumberland Police have issued a vague ‘appeal’ for information following a report from the RSPB that another satellite-tagged hen harrier has ‘disappeared’, last heard from on 24th February 2021 ‘south of Haltwhistle’.

This is what the police put out on Twitter on Friday:

I couldn’t find any press release on the Northumberland Police website, nor on the North Pennines AONB website, which is probably the area in which it has vanished.

Hopefully the RSPB will be publishing a detailed statement shortly……

UPDATE 16 March 2021: Hen harrier Tarras ‘disappears’ next to grouse moor in Northumberland (here)

5 thoughts on “Vague appeal for info from Northumberland Police as another hen harrier vanishes”

  1. Don’t suppose it disappeared in that forestry shown in the photo with the message, which I think could lead to confusion.

  2. The two that went missing last year (one was called Fortune I recall) – maybe I missed it but their locations were never disclosed by NE. N’land is a big county with large though seperate and distinct moorland areas and I don’t think there was any real need for NE to not make public at least a rough location i.e. north or south of the county. I wonder if they are trying to keep the lid on a developing pattern? Just my own thoughts, I might well be wrong.

  3. I see the xxxxx Estate office isn’t far from Haltwhistle. Let’s call the head keeper and ask him if he’s seen her.

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