Public perceptions of red kites using UK gardens – student’s survey needs your help

Georgia Locock, a final-year undergraduate at Hull University is investigating the public’s perceptions of red kites and is interested in finding out why and how people feed red kites in their gardens.

If you’re UK-based and lucky enough to live near a red kite population and you’re up for completing a short online survey to help Georgia’s research, please click here for the survey form.

[Red kites picking up meat scraps in a Reading garden. Photo by Stuart Gay]

4 thoughts on “Public perceptions of red kites using UK gardens – student’s survey needs your help”

  1. Wish I could get visitors like that.
    I live in an area where there should be a healthy population of raptors, but there are very few.
    There are pheasants and gamekeepers. Probably just a coincidence ……… cough, splutter !!

  2. Filled it in. Could have done with asking why not if you dont since for me the seagulls and crows would be in first
    I am a reasonable distance from the Chilterns release area and over last ten years or so their numbers have increased. Used to be a fairly rare sight but now when I go cycling its now rare not to see several.
    Probably see one over the house every couple of weeks.

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