Some blogs of interest (3)

Some more blogs that you might find of interest:

Parkswatch Scotland: A stinking hole near the heart of the Cairngorms National Park (here)

Rob Sheldon: Sainsbury’s, obfuscation and toxic lead: Day 74 (here)

League Against Cruel Sports: Director of MFHA charged over webinar (here)

Mark Avery: No peregrines taken for ‘falconry’ this year – NE say (here)

Birds of Poole Harbour: Rutland and Poole: two of a kind (here)

Vulture Conservation Foundation: Bolivia has 35 less Andean Condors following suspected mass poisoning incident (here)

Rob Sheldon: Pheasants and parakeets: compare and contrast (here)

BirdGuides: Isle of Wight eagle heads home after 17-month adventure (here)

Wild Justice: We write to DEFRA on their consultation failure (here)

One thought on “Some blogs of interest (3)”

  1. A well timed post RP Scotland. The divisions being created within various Conservationist sites by vested commercial interests and well placed comments by shooting supporters is causing havoc and weakening everyone who generally have the same goal.
    It’s time negotiation stopped and the energies involved transferred to other, more effective, forms of strategy for change. Negotiating with insincere “partners” who hold such sway over bureaucracies that they appear to be powerful enough to dictate what form of interpretation will be placed on any new measures implemented … often translating into no change at all .. or even for the worse.
    I’ve left some conservation organisations because I am so so tired of hearing the same lies told over and over again and listening to the enabling roles of those designed to make money from it all.
    The Augean Stables require to be cleaned out before much of import emerges .. and if they are not cleaned out then long grass here we come.

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