Police investigate illegal poisoning of a buzzard in Suffolk – guns & pesticides seized

News is emerging of a multi-agency investigation today following the discovery of an illegally poisoned buzzard near Lakenheath in Suffolk.

Suffolk Police, Natural England and the RSPB Investigations Team attended and a number of guns and pesticides were seized. This is excellent partnership working and what a response!

The investigation continues and hopefully charges will be forthcoming.

[Photo from Suffolk Police]

UPDATE 24th August 2021: Another gamekeeper in court for alleged poisoning of buzzard (here)

UPDATE 9th November 2021: Gamekeeper convicted for pesticide and firearms offences but buzzard-poisoning charge is dropped (here)

8 thoughts on “Police investigate illegal poisoning of a buzzard in Suffolk – guns & pesticides seized”

  1. Notwithstanding the absence of detail at this point in time it is good to have news of the police in action in relation to wildlife crime.

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