Top ten most read RPUK blogs in 2020

Thanks for all your continued interest and support in 2020….it’s been another very busy year.

Here are the top ten most read RPUK blogs over the last 12 months:

  1. Satellite-tagged white-tailed eagle found poisoned on grouse moor in Cairngorms National Park (here)
  2. Golden eagle Tom disappears in suspicious circumstances on Scottish grouse moor (here)
  3. Missing eagle’s satellite tag found cut and wrapped in lead, dumped in river at Strathbraan (here)
  4. 45 hen harriers ‘missing’ or confirmed illegally killed since 2018 (here)
  5. The five brood meddled hen harriers from 2019 are all ‘missing’ (here)
  6. Scottish Government commits to develop immediate licensing scheme for driven grouse shooting (here)
  7. The eagle’s satellite tag found in the river: poetic injustice (here)
  8. Licensing scheme for release of pheasants and red-legged partridge in England following Wild Justice legal challenge (here)
  9. Post mortem reveals Welsh golden eagle had suffered gunshot injury (here)
  10. RSPB announces its ‘new’ policy on gamebird shooting (here)

19 thoughts on “Top ten most read RPUK blogs in 2020”

  1. Thanks for all the work you do Ruth. I’m going to wish you a happy new year despite the likelihood that a lot of the news you’ll be reporting will be anything but cheerful.

    [Ed: Thanks, Ron, Happy New Year to you, too]

  2. A sad litany once again.
    Thanks for all your efforts in protecting our wildlife and highlighting the depths that these criminals are willing to sink to in the name of ‘sport’.

    [Ed: Thanks, Ian]

  3. It would be lovely to think that 2021 would bring fewer persecuted raptors and an effective licensing scheme for grouse moors in Scotland. Thanks for all your efforts Ruth.

    [Ed: Thanks for all your support, Alister. Happy New Year]

  4. Really appreciate the hard work that goes into this blog. It has prompted me to email the Scottish government on a number of occasions and I think the pressure we have put on has been instrumental in the decision to regulate grouse moors. Still quite a way to go but progress! Thank you and a guid ne’er.

    [Ed: Thanks, Jill. There’s no question, public outrage has played a significant role. That’s down to you and thousands like you. Many thanks]

  5. It’s pretty outrageous that these crimes are still happening, but it is worse that virtually no one is held accountable. But at least progress is being made, however slow. Thanks for all your work on this RPUK, keep it up!

    [Ed: Thanks, James, and for all your work, too]

  6. The fact that the content of more of these blogs now finds its way into other media is a testament to the light you have shone on this dark area. May your light never dim!

  7. Thank you Ruth for your hard work on making many people aware of the persecution of birds and animals all around us. Wishing you a successful 2021.

    May there be fruitful and happy times ahead.


    [Ed: Thanks, Doug, Happy New Year]

  8. Thank you for such an excellent and informative blog. Your efforts are truly impressive in highlighting wildlife crime. New to the blog this year, I have read every post and comment and feel I have learnt so much as I’m sure have many others about the ongoing abuse of wildlife and the wider environment. My hope for 2021 is that more and more people are made aware, which will increase the pressure for real change.

    [Ed: Welcome to the blog, Sue and thanks for your support]

  9. Thank you for all your research and hard work Ruth. Your attention to fine detail detail, educational and enlightening posts and your plain talking, say it as it is , absolutely NO bull are very much appreciated. 2020 ‘s been a grim year for raptors, here’s hoping for better things in 2021 for all.

    [Ed: Thank you, Siobhan]

  10. All credit for your unrelenting effort which unquestionably serves to keep pressure on those in positions of power who would otherwise prefer the crime to slip past without a fuss.
    Keep up the good work, please.

    [Ed: thanks, Dougie]

  11. Massive credit for all you do in the fight against persecution. I view RPUK as the definitive site in telling it as it really is.

    [Ed: Thank you]

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