Buzzard shot & injured in County Kildare

Hot on the heels of a recent buzzard shooting reported in the Irish Republic just a couple of weeks ago (here), here’s another one.

The details are sketchy at the moment but this buzzard was found yesterday and is currently being cared for at the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit.

It’s clear from the x-ray that someone shot this bird with a shotgun. The crime has been reported to the National Parks & Wildlife Service.

County Kildare sits in the middle of the league table for raptor persecution crimes recorded in the Irish Republic (see here).

4 thoughts on “Buzzard shot & injured in County Kildare”

  1. Three pellets:( I hope this beautiful bird is able to be treated and safely released, but in the event a release back to the wild is not feasible, one can only hope he is released to a sanctuary. Too often I read about birds with injuries that are treatable, yet often disregarded if wild-release is unlikely, whilst plenty of raptor loving people, groups, sanctuaries would be happy to give life long care/home to them. I will pre-empt “yes, but” comments, by saying I understand so many being removed/given sanctuary is an enormous wish; but wishing/hoping for options to be explored, contact details on hand at vets nationwide for the eventuality and potential, is real. There could be an hot list of resources for the most vulnerable endangered raptors as a start, as whilst I adore Buzzards as much as Hen Harriers, I also understand resources are finite, and if we could save a fraction of injured birds, whether as educational, ambassadors or breeding programs, it would be preferable to the precarious, fragile situation we all read of daily, as endangered to extinct in the UK is genuinely only a day or two away for some species. We have several charitable organizations doing all they can, but many are so small, they have little recognition, even less donations/help. Perhaps RP could compile a list of those, for people to donate to, whilst having no idea where to start looking for legitimate facilities. I wish for 2021 to not. Only be a better year for everyone, I wish it for our beautiful, cherished, vulnerable birds or prey/raptors and wild life even more. We have the ability to help ourselves in many ways, yet their vulnerability means they only have us to rely on. Thought for this new years eve. Warmest regards to everyone, ladybudd

    1. HiLadybudd,

      Jean Thorpe (Ryedale, North Yorkshire) is one of the UK’s leading raptor rehabilitators (as well as working with other wildlife) and her expertise is often called for in cases across North Yorkshire, the UK’s raptor persecution capital.

      Jean has a fundraising page here and I’m sure she’d welcome any support you’re kind enough to offer:

      You can keep up to date with her work on Twitter: @jeanthorpeRR

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