Laugh out loud hypocrisy from BASC

BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today did a short piece on DEFRA’s new General Licences this morning (available here for 29 days, starts at 8.55 min) and this included an amusing interview with Glynn Evans, Head of Gundogs and Game at BASC, the British Association for Shooting (and, ahem, conservation).

Glynn seemed a bit confused. BASC are said to have ‘welcomed’ the new licences but Glynn then said, “I don’t think it was right for them [Wild Justice] to bring their case [legal challenge]. I think where there’s an issue dialogue is the way forward“.

It’s worth reading Mark Avery’s take on this hypocrisy from BASC (here), where he points out that dialogue was the last thing on BASC’s mind last year when he and Chris Packham were banned from attending an interview at The Game Fair!

It’s also worth looking back at this RPUK blog from last year (here) where it was pointed out that BASC had itself attempted to launch a judicial review (that subsequently failed) following Natural Resources Wales’s ban on pheasant shooting on public land. Was ‘dialogue the way forward’ then, Glynn?

And, er, how about BASC’s big song & dance announcement this summer that it had launched a ‘seven-figure legal fighting fund’ to ‘push forward with proactive legal initiatives’?

There’s no issue with BASC, or anybody else for that matter, applying for a judicial review if they believe an issue is worth fighting for and they have a case that stands a reasonable chance of success – that’s what access to justice is all about and, indeed, is one of the main guiding principles behind the formation of Wild Justice.

But it is about time BASC reined in the hypocrisy and stopped trying to demonise Wild Justice for doing something that BASC is now bragging about trying to emulate!

7 thoughts on “Laugh out loud hypocrisy from BASC”

  1. Its well established that these people are only ok if allowed out with their guns to do as they like but how on earth they can mis-use the word conservation in such a way is a lot more difficult to understand.

  2. One sometimes wonders if the organisations that represent the shooting cabal have cornered the market in hypocrisy but then one looks at government and realises not. In many ways without proper scrutiny of the licences use nothing will change I suspect. Keepers in many cases keep a record of what they kill in a “vermin book” so to transfer this to official records ought not to take much doing although would rely on both due diligence and honesty. Perhaps a tax on cartridges or the like might pay for an inspectorate of sorts as it does in the US.

  3. I have always laughed at the inclusion of Conservation in the titles of BASC and GWCT. The latter could remove wildlife from their name too.


  4. I agree that the mental capacity of this lot is open to question. At one time I lived near to their headquarters in Rossett. I came across a couple of the people who worked for them and a more odious and obnoxious lot would be hard to find.

  5. The extreme shooting lobby have worked long and hard to get themselves into this position. They have trashed sensible shooters – who I worked with over many years and have great respect for – like John Swift and David Tomlinson and the idea there has been any dialogue is laughable – I’ve been staggered by continuing advocates of compromise, who should no better, who have wilfully ignored the reality that for compromise there has to be give on both sides. And lets get one thing straight – it is at the heart of our democracy that anyone, of whatever station in life, can invoke the law. A tweed jacket, twelve bore, Labrador and corduroy trousers are not a prerequisite

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