Campaigners launch spoof Dragons’ Den film ridiculing grouse shooting industry

Press release from the Revive Coalition for grouse moor reform (28 October 2020)

Campaigners launch spoof Dragons’ Den film ridiculing grouse shooting industry

#GovernmentsDen video shown to MSPs in exclusive preview

MSPs have been given an exclusive preview of a spoof Dragons’ Den film, highlighting the weakness of the arguments in favour of managed grouse moors in Scotland.

Government’s Den imagines a world where grouse shooting doesn’t exist and puts two lobbyists in front of the dragons, arguing for up to a fifth of Scotland to be managed for the sport. The film sees the lobbyists put forward their case for ownership of a huge part of Scotland in return for a 0.02% contribution to the economy, with only ‘a few Government subsidies’ required. They also argue that they will use predator control to systematically wipe out all species that pose a threat to grouse to enable them to cultivate tens of thousands of game birds to be shot for entertainment.

The campaigning film is the brainchild of Revive, the campaign for grouse moor reform. It’s Campaign Manager, Max Wiszniewski said: “The video is intended to be taken tongue in cheek, but behind the humour is a very serious issue. Driven grouse shooting is an intensively managed bloodsport which depends on turning vast swathes of Scotland into barren monocultures. The circle of destruction which surrounds grouse moor causes untold suffering to many thousands of animals, depletes our peat reserves and causes environmental damage on an industrial scale.

The Revive coalition has alternative visions for our moors to address the environmental crisis in our countryside caused by intensively managed grouse moors and we hope this video will raise awareness of these issues and show just how ridiculous the current situation is.”

To find out if the lobbyists win over the dragons with their arguments watch the video below.


15 thoughts on “Campaigners launch spoof Dragons’ Den film ridiculing grouse shooting industry”

  1. A beautifully succinct and ironic representation of reality, and an alluring dream just over the horizon of how they could be … soon … let those dreams inspire you to keep pushing – endless pressure endlessly applied can and will lead to change, a fantastic film guys, neat, cool, rock on, keep going! (had to say something!)

  2. Now lads, looks like you forget to offer complimentary shoot days & hospitality experiences to encourage Ministerial support ;) Missed out mention of the traditional archaic Victorian passion for slaughter still beloved by some of their ancestors today?

  3. Fuck you arseholes. As usual lies lies n more damn lies. Get your facts right. There is vast amount of scientific research which counters your in every way. Funny how the rubbish you spout has NO scientific evidence whatsoever. There is at least 20 more diversified species on moors managed for grouse as compared to the RSPB managed moors which you conveniently hide. FACT.

  4. Would be nice if “Robert” could provide links to scientific papers to support his claim that managed grouse moors have more species than moors managed by RSPB. I am intrigued by this claim, just where can i find these purported “facts”?

      1. I think he may not have meant “diversified species”, more likely “persecuted species” (although I think there are more than twenty species that we know are persecuted on grouse moors!!

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