Last push for Langholm Moor Community Buyout

The Oct 31st deadline is looming for the Langholm Moor Community Buyout, an initiative aiming to buy land from Buccleuch Estates and transform it from an old grouse moor in to something of benefit for the whole community.

At the moment it looks like there may be enough funds to support Plan B, which is to buy part of the land to help the region’s environmental, economic and social development.

The crowdfunder is just under £7K short of its target – please visit here if you can help.

For previous blogs on the Langholm buyout please see hereherehereherehere here here here here and here

For more detailed information about the proposed community buyout, please watch this video:

6 thoughts on “Last push for Langholm Moor Community Buyout”

  1. I cannot help but wonder how much difference this would make to birds which will roam and they who kill them dont care where they are they will kill them anyway. Someone I knew once accepted a lift from a gamekeeper who stopped his vehicle got out and shot a Kestrel that was nowhere near his place of work it was a shock but when I told my freind he was lucky I was not there all I got was “have you seem the size of him “.The idiot has recently been in court for another offence.

    1. But it’s another small foot in the door and should not be seen in isolation. Not that far away, as the crow flies, are Carrifran, Gameshope, Talla and Glenlude. I also think there are other smaller community buy-outs going on. The Duke should gift the rest of the land to this community instead of stashing the money away in shell companies in tax-havens ……..allegedly!

  2. It’d be better for some if there was a receiving bank account number, sort code and relevant information. My personal experience of Paypal is that have a very poor history of maintaining the information they store. I’ve de-registered from them twice in the past (by telephone, since their virtual presence normally lacks such details), but somehow they still cling to me. They still think I have an account with them (which I should no longer have). Any information they held on me exceeds any taxation law retention thresholds. This is probably the single thing that prevented me from donating a (lowish) 4 figure sum.

    Sorry, Langholm. But it looks like you’re going to get there anyway. I just hope Paypal ‘specials’ the clearance of funds because their T&C’s say “Funds are transferred to the benefiting charity within 15–45 days”.

    1. I sent them a cheque direct to their address. I too won’t use Paypal. It’s not too late. The 31st Oct. deadline is just to get the Scottish Govt. money – not a Buccleuch deadline. There’s still a chance to get double the area of Plan B.

    2. Like you, I’d vastly prefer to transfer the money to a local bank. Partly because, with so many banks shutting, cash flow might slightly reduce any risk of closure.

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