11 thoughts on “‘The bodies keep piling up’”

  1. An absolutely brilliant film clip and great use of the song about the Vietnam war . I hope this gets full media coverage .

    1. Please share this video across as many platforms as possible. Click on the ‘paper dart’ symbol, top right.

  2. Lol, brilliant! Flashback hearing “19” again – named after the average age of US soldiers in the Vietnam war, of course but might be more appropriate here as the average life expectancy, in months, of a Hen Harrier in the UK.
    Or is 19 months hugely optimistic of the average age?

    1. 19 months would be an old HH!
      And the keepers thought we didn’t really know what was going on
      Was it worth it?

  3. Came across a great quote from Chris Rock on ‘bad apples’ which couldn’t resist sharing.
    It doesn’t quite fit to the ‘bad apples’ meme in our case but is brilliant none the less.
    He was talking about police brutality especially against black in the USA
    “Some jobs can’t have bad apples, everybody gotta be good. Like pilots. American Airlines can’t be like ‘most of our pilots like to land, we just got some bad apples that like to crash into mountains…'”

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