Essex Police investigate shooting of buzzard last week

A buzzard was shot and killed last week near Weeley, in Essex, according to PC Andy Long on twitter.

We’ve been unable to find any further details about this incident.

We’ve asked PC Long if he can provide more information on date, location, type of gunshot, crime reference etc. Will publish here is any more info emerges.

UPDATE 10 JUNE 2020: PC Andy Long has been in touch this morning (thanks!) and provided the following information:

Crime Ref number: 42/82646/20

Buzzard found 2 June 2020 at Weeley Hall Wood, Clacton Road, Weeley, Essex.

Awaiting x-ray to determine ammunition used.

2 thoughts on “Essex Police investigate shooting of buzzard last week”

  1. Be prepared for more such incidents – my intel has detailed some very serious cases currently being investigated on lowland shoots with large numbers of raptor corpses found.
    It will be interesting to see if these crimes actually end up being publicised and brought to justice, as I have suspicions that some are being quietly swept under the carpet in certain counties.
    It helps to have a foot in both camps i.e. shooting and raptor conservation !

    Keep up the pressure !

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