Job vacancy: Assistant Investigations Officer, RSPB Scotland

Job Description:

The illegal killing of the birds of prey is a stain on the UK’s reputation. It affects almost all of our raptor species, and particularly impacts those of high conservation concern such as the hen harrier, peregrine and golden eagle.

This role is working within a dedicated and unique team combatting this issue alongside partners including the Police and statutory agencies.

You will be on the front line, following up reports of dead birds, monitoring the nests of some of our rarest breeding species or carrying out targeted fieldwork in areas with a history of criminal activity.

You need to be robust, persistent, focused, able to work in pressured situations and have excellent bird identification skills.

You will frequently be required to work unsociable hours, in remote upland environments where excellent navigation skills, an awareness of lone working procedures and health & safety are essential.

Experience of upland conservation issues, raptor monitoring projects, including using satellite transmitters, and intelligence handling would be beneficial.

This is a rewarding job, in a small team that makes a big difference.

The successful applicant will need to be based in Scotland and prepared to travel throughout the Scottish uplands and occasionally further afield.

Hours: Full time

Contract: Permanent

Salary: £19,602 to £21,236 per annum – Applicants should expect under normal circumstances to receive an offer at the bottom of the advertised range

Closing date: 13 December 2019

Interview date: 7 January 2020

How to apply: Follow this link


6 thoughts on “Job vacancy: Assistant Investigations Officer, RSPB Scotland”

  1. Also needed: the personality to stay motivated in the face of persistent denial of responsibility by law-breakers, personal abuse and the loss of many of your research subjects. And all for less than £20k!

    1. You can always sign up to provide a monthly sum to the RSPB to help the investigations department. This position may be all or part funded from this source, but my contribution would only help with expenses.

  2. I would do it for nothing, all the RSPB would have to do is provide me xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx all the other toe rags who a responsible for killing our Birds of prey and other wildlife, oh and could you provide me with accommodation as well please.

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