Scottish SPCA & Police raid suspected animal fighters in Angus

Press release from Scottish SPCA and Police Scotland, 14th October 2019

Double swoop on suspected animal fighters

Numerous dogs have been seized by the Scottish SPCA following two simultaneous raids at different addresses in Scotland

Working in partnership with Police Scotland, the Scottish SPCA led raids at an address in Angus and an address in Aberdeenshire last week. Scotland’s animal welfare charity acted on intel gathered on animal fighting activities in both areas.

An undercover officer in the Scottish SPCA’s special investigations unit (SIU) said: “We uncovered intelligence to suggest illegal animal fighting was taking place at these locations. With serious concerns about the welfare of both the dogs and wild animals being subjected to this, we worked with the police and external partners to raid both addresses. We’ve seized several animals and will be checking on their condition.”

Offences such as this are incredibly difficult to investigate as they are very well-guarded by those involved. Our expertise, in conjunction with the police, has proven to be invaluable to tackling these underground crimes.”

This is the latest in a string of animal fighting cases the Scottish SPCA has taken on recently. The Society is taking the fight to anyone engaging in this barbaric practice and sending out a clear message that it is not acceptable.”

As it is an ongoing investigation, we are unable to give any more specific information at this time.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Officers supported the Scottish SPCA in relation to search warrants at an address in Angus and an address in Aberdeenshire. Officers from Police Scotland will continue to work with the Scottish SPCA and partner agencies.”

So far this year, the Scottish SPCA has taken an average of a call on animal fighting every other day. Approximately 50% of the jobs the charity’s SIU take on relate to it.

The investigation continues.


You may be wondering why we’ve posted a press statement about suspected animal fighters on this blog. Unfortunately we’re not able to comment further at this stage but it will become apparent in due course if this case progresses.

As this is a live investigation and a potential case of huge significance, we won’t be accepting any comments.

We’ll be blogging updates when they become available.

UPDATE 17 October 2019: Millden Estate named in joint SSPCA/Police Scotland raid as part of investigation in to suspected animal cruelty (here)

UPDATE 21 October 2019: More detail emerges about SSPCA/Police raid at Millden Estate (here)

UPDATE 3 December 2020: Animal cruelty charges follow SSPCA/Police raid at property on Millden Estate (here)

UPDATE 2 November 2021: New trial date for Millden Estate gamekeeper accused of animal fighting offences (here)

UPDATE 3 December 2021: Angus Glens gamekeeper in court today on animal fighting charges (here)


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