‘Please Nicola, let’s show eagles our love & protection’ says 9-year-old boy

Following yesterday’s news that two golden eagles have ‘disappeared’ in suspicious circumstances on a Scottish grouse moor (here), schoolchildren are making a direct appeal to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to protect these birds.

This drawing, sent to Ms Sturgeon, is by nine-year-old Freddie. It was shared on Twitter yesterday by his family @blackerschat

And this one was drawn by Nicola Penfold’s seven-year-old boy, also called Freddie [@nicolapenfold]:

This idea was suggested by award-winning children’s author Gill Lewis. Gill’s latest book is ‘Eagle Warrior‘ and was inspired by the story of golden eagle Fred who vanished under suspicious circumstances from the Pentland Hills last year and whose satellite tag ended up in the North Sea.

In December last year we blogged about some amazing schoolchildren in Glasgow (Sunnyside Primary School) who had drawn ‘missing’ posters as they learned about the disappearance of golden eagle Fred.

Following yesterday’s news of golden eagles Adam and Charlie, Gill posted her own drawing of an eagle and a plea to the First Minister on Twitter to ‘stop the persecution’ and encouraged others to do the same:

So far, the First Minister and the rest of her Cabinet have remained silent about the news of Adam and Charlie. They have also failed to comment about the recent discovery of hen harrier ‘Rannoch‘ who was found dead in May on another Strathbraan grouse moor with its leg caught in an illegal trap, and they’ve remained silent about the suspicious disappearance of hen harrier ‘Marci‘ who vanished from a grouse moor in the Cairngorms National Park in April.

We’ve been encouraging blog readers to email the First Minister [ FirstMinister@gov.scot ], as Andy Wightman did yesterday (see here) to call for action against those who continue to kill birds of prey in Scotland.

But if you’ve got kids who like to draw, sending the First Minister a picture and a plea to help from them cannot be so easily ignored.

16 thoughts on “‘Please Nicola, let’s show eagles our love & protection’ says 9-year-old boy”

  1. So I wonder what the economic value of generations of inspired children are compared the to the few crumbs that rich people hand down when shooting a few grouse for fun.

  2. This is fantastic! Wouldn’t it be great if this grew into a national movement! There’s an absolutely phenomenal book called ‘Amazing Animals, Brilliant Science’ by Dr Pete Minting about how new DNA technology is helping conservation in Scotland which used this principle to involve school pupils in the subject by asking them to submit poems and artwork for the book. It’s really hopeful and uplifting, if anyone reads this book (good chance your library service will have a copy) they’ll see what I mean, so far it’s utterly unique. You won’t regret it! It’s also the most damming book about our sporting states precisely because it doesn’t set out to do so, their massively negative effect gets mentioned incidentally, but predictably in species after species from mountain hare to capercaillie to beaver. Even the adder, Peter was manning a stall with a large picture of one at a Highland Games in 2014 when a prominent landowner saw it and proudly exclaimed ‘We kill hundreds of those on our estate every year!’ If local schools sent a copy of the book and their own artwork to their MSPs wonder what effect that would have? A few cartoons about the SGA wouldn’t go amiss either. https://www.arc-trust.org/shop/amazing-animals-brilliant-science

  3. It’s so encouraging to see a new generation of caring children taking action on behalf of our magnificent birds of prey. Hopefully it will have the desired effect – politicians doing something positive for a change. How can politicians, estate owners and gamekeepers ignore their pleas?

    1. “How can politicians, estate owners and gamekeepers ignore their pleas?” ………….. With ease – water off a rat’s back.
      However, there is clearly something very wrong with the set up in this country when criminals and politicians are able to blatantly ignore calls to deal with the longstanding problems endlessly highlighted by this forum and elsewhere.

  4. I sincerely hope that one of the RSG’s take this on board and name two of this years satellite tagged Golden Eagles Freddie and Nicola not just for their genuine love and concerns for the Golden Eagles but as a terrific platform of publicity to highlight our youngsters caring nature and spread it through all the media outlets available

    1. Yes – a deserved accolade to the children but I fear that Nicola might be misconstrued by many as a – so far – undeserved accolade to the First Minister!

      1. I understand your concern, but the thought of a magnificent bird having the name of one of these “creatures” in Holyrood makes me retch. I think that the name DESPITE NICOLA would be a truer representation of the situation.

    2. How about getting children to name the eagles. Of course this carries a high risk but the impact might be substantial.

  5. How about naming them after the Queen’s great grandchildren? A hen harrier called Archie might focus a few minds.

  6. Seems to me that there’s possibly something to be gained in calling tagged birds names like Roseanna, Nicola, Fergus etc, then Minister’s can have a wee wager as to which is killed first.
    Might make them think a bit.

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