North Wales Police investigating “possible disappearance” of another satellite-tagged hen harrier

The North Wales Police Rural Crime Team has posted the following statement on Twitter this morning:

There isn’t much detail to go on but presumably this harrier’s tag has suddenly and inexplicably stopped in highly suspicious circumstances, just like the 79% of other tags fitted to hen harriers between 2007-2017 (and remember this is 79% of tags fitted by Natural England – it does not include any tags fitted by the RSPB – we’re expecting that analysis sometime next year).

What’s interesting though, is the location from where this hen harrier’s satellite tag last tranmsitted: the “Llandegla area”. This is very close to the location where another satellite-tagged hen harrier (Aalin) ‘disappeared’ in suspicious circumstances in February this year near the Ruabon grouse moor (see earlier blog on Aalin’s disappearance here).

Hopefully more details about this latest hen harrier’s “possible disappearance” will be published soon.

UPDATE 13 September 2018: 3 more satellite-tagged hen harriers disappear – all on grouse moors (here)

9 thoughts on “North Wales Police investigating “possible disappearance” of another satellite-tagged hen harrier”

  1. No species could survive or recover until this level of anthropogenic death by persecution is finally ended. At least 79% of Hen Harriers ending their lives prematurely is an appalling state of affairs. I find it extremely worrying that society at large, including governments, don’t take such criminality more seriously. Possibly even more so, is the apparent fact that the ‘birding’ community is so uninformed and/or apathetic. The final decision has to be banning all game shooting, or at the very least driven grouse shooting, which most caring and civilised people regard as unacceptable cruelty and an affront to the modern world. And RSPB, why can’t you have that prohibitive clause removed from your Royal Charter? It’s a considerable burden which inhibits the conservation and protection of certain wild birds, and requires serious reconsideration.

    1. Quite so. And I’m sure George would have preferred a trip to a RSPB reserve for a spot of pond dipping rather than being taken to a grouse moor. Beggars belief.

      1. “Reputation has gone down ”
        Very diplomatic.

        Let’s sit back and watch the same circus unfold.
        Evidence of a stop no malfunction tag appears and highlights yet another illegally killed harrier.

        Cries of ” oh no it hasn’t”
        Met with replies if ” oh yes it has”

        And so the pantomime goes on…..
        Police fail to conduct any real investigation.
        No land search
        No vehicles searched
        No properties searched
        No attempts to recover feathers, blood etc.

        So sad we have to endure this.

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