Two men charged in connection with wildlife crime investigation in Scottish Borders

A month ago we blogged about a Scottish gamekeeper who had been charged for a series of wildlife crime offences alleged to have taken place in the Scottish Borders (see here).

This morning Police Scotland has issued an official press statement in relation to this case, as follows:

Men charged in connection with wildlife crime investigation, Scottish Borders

Two men have been charged following an investigation into wildlife crime offences committed at a rural estate in the Scottish Borders.

The pair aged 59 and 57 are scheduled to appear in court at a later date.


It’s short on detail but it’s very good to see this case progressing.

Thanks to the person from the Police Scotland media team for alerting us to this news.

7 thoughts on “Two men charged in connection with wildlife crime investigation in Scottish Borders”

  1. Strange that. I’m sure that SNH have had an assurance from the estate, whichever it is, that it will ensure that no eagles will be trapped, shot or poisoned, so it can’t be that. Time may tell, if the charges are proceeded with.

  2. No doubt this will be another marathon through the fiscal’s office and the courts. Whilst one might wish for a quicker and more transparent legal process let us just hope that whatever the outcome that justice is seen to be served. It will in that case make a welcome change in both Scotland, England and Wales.

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